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domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Alkerdeel "Morinde"

Some people believe, based on an ancient belief or prophecy, that in 2012, we will witness the end of the World. I really have some serious doubts about it since I'm a very skeptical guy. But one thing I'm not skeptical about is this, Alkerdeel's brand new full-lenght "Morinde". After the amazing 2010's "De Speenzalvinge" this belgian band became noted and taken seriously and soon the name Alkerdeel was on everybody's mouth. But after that impact, the band soon fell into oblivion again, and in this two year leap, the beast may have been asleep, but always with an eye wide open. 

"Morinde" presents the finest raw Sludge/Doom infused with filthy low fi Black Metal - the compositions have matured and gained more depth. The lo-fi approach of the previous albums made room for a more thoughtful recording process, making it sound perhaps more accessible but also allows the sound to reveal all its sluggish nuances. The Inferno of "Morinde" begins with "Winterteens" with its 13 minutes that will drag you into a world of pain and chaotic grief. The second track "Horsesaw", the shortest track with only 2 minutes, may be small but its poisonous. A total and brutal discharge of brutal Black Metal, like a pack of wolves tearing a poor sheep apart. Back to the sludge again with "Hessepikn", another short track, about 5 minutes, this track is much slower than the previous tracks, but like the others it has its own haunting personality. The vocals, in a spoken word way, tend to swirl between this mantle of noisy, low-fi sludge before it bursts into flames in this incendiary Black Metal track. Amazing. Finally the apotheotic end arrives with the colossal track "Du Levande", about 20 minutes, of pure low-fi Black/Sludge, an amazing track and the best way to close this awesome album. The best thing in this album is that you never guess what is coming next.. an eruption of Black brutality or a slow painful death into sludge quicksands? 

"Morinde" was one of the albums of 2012 i was very anxious to hear, and with it, seems that Alkerdeel have opened the door for the most striking albums of the year. Don't even think of letting this album pass you by. I bet the vinyl edition must sound twice as heavy. Buy it here. Highly Recommended.

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