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quinta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2012

BEST OF 2012 - Part I - The Demo Series

After a long hiatus, I'm back. this time to unveil what you probably must have been fed up so far like it's usual on this time of the year... Lists, Lists and more Lists. Some seem to bet on the quantity, others on the quality making their Lists following the same "copy-paste" as the List right next door. Some say it was a bad year for metal, others say the opposite. I personally think that this year we witnessed another good crop.

So this time i thought about it a lot and since i heard a lot of awesome releases this year i decided to not go with the flow. It would be also a little bit boring for you to put here the albums that you all are already familiarized with. May all those bands forgive me but hey... you got like 20 or more specialized metal websites/blogs talking amazing stuff of your latest album just right around the corner.

This year i've decided to invest on releases that i really loved and that are as good as the albums featured on the majority of the Lists seen out there on the web. Call them underrated if you feel so. I have compiled what, for me, are the best releases that are worthy of your attention (and support) that also came out in this wretched year of 2012. So i've decided to begin with many bands also begin with: the demo. There are of course, dozens, hundreds of other demos left to discover, but let's give time to time. 
Until then...

So without further notice, these are my 10 favorite demos of 2012.

# 10 #

As described from Sol Y Nieve: "Tales of astral decay and bliss. The procession of a doomed race. Ouroboral riffs through hazy paths of space and time." Chicago's Oyarsa make their debut with this awesome demo filled with, as described by the band itself, cosmic doom. Expect some really heavy doom metal layered with some really harsh vocals. Can't wait to hear more from this band. Loved it.

# 9 #

Norway's Skygge simply deliver some of the most nefarious black metal around. What else could we expect from a black metal band hailing from Norway? One of the most principal lairs, of the trve grim and frostbitten. That's precisely what you can expect with this demo. Cold, grim, ugly black metal where every riff is fired with shards of ice. Skygge have, in the meantime, released their full-length entitled "Knokkelkraft". If you enjoyed this demo I'm pretty sure you will love the album.

# 8 #

Two words: "Death Metal" and "Australia". In nowadays these two words will immediately hook up any extreme death metal fan. Monomakh are no exception. With this demo, the band present us the most twisted, vile, primitive and chaotic death metal around. Besides the most dark and obscure side of death metal, they also blend some black metal into their sound giving it a more hallucinatory facet. I was extremely glad to know that Monomakh's tape was made possible and released thru Rising Beast Recordings, after i posted them here on Forever Cursed. A big thanks to Roach from RBR!

# 7 #

Some say this is the best material released by Torture Chain to date. And i must agree. This demo is compost by only one track that gives title to the demo itself. Killer riffs, killer voice and killer solos swirl thru the 23 minutes that this track lasts. A very enthusiastic and ambitious voyage lead with success by Torture Chain.

# 6 #


From Ireland arrives another great gem. Featuring members from the Irish underground scene, Sodb is a raw black metal band introducing with their first demo, "Don Seantalamh a Chuid Fein", four tracks of some hypnotic and incisive black metal. It isn't very common to get a raw black metal act as this coming from Ireland, but with this demo, Sodb really made some notable work. 

# 5 #

A very interesting demo this one brought by Québec's mysterious act, Déliquescence.
Three tracks of the best occult and ritualistic black metal coming out from that corner of the world. Déliquescence can really create a dark and mystical atmosphere in which we blindly dive in full darkness. "Antinomisme" is all about the atmosphere. An amazing and very interesting piece.

# 4 #

Laster are a black metal band founded and located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "Wijsgeer & Narreman" is a conceptual work presenting us three tracks inspired by Goethe's tragic play, "Faust".  The quality of this demo is really, really good. Featuring an outstanding drum work, some cascadian-like sounding guitars and a very haunting voice, Laster unleash three great tracks filled with real raw emotions, no tricks, no gimmicks, just true to themselves and to the listener. A terrific piece of work.

# 3 #

Hallow "Hallow"

Another gem brought to light this year was Oregon's doomsters Hallow with their first demo. Introducing two themes of the most heavy, slow, mournful doom. I'm a sucker for this kind of sound and this demo really fulfills my hunger for this kind of doom. I look forward to hear more from this band in the future, until then... doom on!

# 2 #

Muknal "Muknal"

From the Crepusculo Negro collective, a claustrophobic and haunting piece orchestrated by Muknal. One of the most vile demos i've heard this year. If you look at the demo's artwork while listening to this demo, you'll find that it really fits in Muknal's sound. Surreal death metal coming from the most unknown depths of the Earth. Brilliant.

# 1 #

This is by far, the best thing i heard in the demo field this year. I really lost the count of how many times this demo tape played here at the Haxan's den. Tardigrada's demo "Widrstand" is amazing in all of its details. Amazing atmospheric black metal that craves really deep into the listener. A demo that still will be heard many years from now. Absolutely a must for any fan of this genre.