† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

Bands You Should Be Hearing PT.II

Hello. Today i bring a handful of new music that i've discovered recently. I'm not going to write a whole testament on each release, just a couple words. Sorry, but I'm not feeling very inspired today. Besides, you're all here for the music, right? So let's get to it.

First is Boreas, a black metal act from Kansas City. Boreas (who took their name from the Greek God of North Wind or Winter) play this low-fi, harsh, nihilistic style of black metal. Nothing ground-breaking to be honest but when it comes to their music, I just dig the whole sound on this Demo and the tracks are really good too. The Gods are pleased.

Kato, a blackened sludge act that blend the furious side of hardcore with the monolithic heaviness of sludge metal, are indeed a band that every fan of the genre should put their ears upon. Introducing three tracks in this Demo, the amazing instrumental "Yet His Shadow Still Looms" and two furious songs "And All Of The Rats Gather" and "Dust Of Earth". The quality is really, really good here and i can see a great future for this band as long as they keep this pace. Good.

From Portugal, another great and promising young band, Mother Abyss. The band plays this very heavy, heavy post-sludge-metal that will please all the fans from bands like Cult of Luna, Generation Of Vipers, Isis or Mouth Of The Architect. I really didn't payed much attention to this but after a really decent listen, i was blown' away by its quality. Really, really good. You can stream two tracks (no free download) or if you're willing to get a copy, head over to their Facebook.

Next, Tutti I Colori Del Buio. A fresh new act from Italy, presenting their first Demo filled with four tracks of heavy hardcore à la APMD and Trap Them. If you dig the most vicious and rabid side of hardcore, then don't sleep on this one.

Another great band and album i was introduced to some time ago, due to one of the members of the band itself, is Curse This Ocean. Now, the name may sound that there's some kind of post-hardcore, emocore, screamo band here... but let's not judge the heart through the face. If indeed you think this way, I can assure you, you're totally wrong. Curse This Ocean simply deliver some of the best new hardcore on the scene. I mean, i love this album. The tracks are awesome, catchy, memorable as they are heavy and filled with (dark) emotions . All layered with a superb production. "Lightbringer" is one of those albums that i like to visit at least, once a week. I can tell that there's a heavy influence of bands like (and you're gonna see what I mean when you hear it) Converge and Cursed for example here. Fuck.. I would dare say that i even enjoyed this album a lot more than the latest Converge (I know i'm gonna get crucified for just saying this). Only because Curse This Ocean's "Lightbringer" is fresh and as just as good and sure deserves a whole lot more ears and eyes upon them. Trust me. A very eclectic album, with very great and different moments. Truly one of my favorite albums of the genre for 2013. Check it out, you will love it and please, get this album here.

That's all for now, i could get more bands but let's leave it for another day. Enjoy these releases, support & shit. Stay tuned. †

domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

Fleshpress "Tearing Skyholes"

Now that we are at the edge of closing another great year for heavy music, I was caught by surprise by this new album from Fleshpress. Their previous "Acid Mouth Strangulation" didn't hit me the way I expected from Mikko Aspa and his crew. I found it really odd and after very listens it still didn't grew on me the way i wanted. But since everything they put out holds a surprise inside, I really don't know what to expect with "Tearing Skyholes" where they seem to explore even more, and deep down inside, the most experimental and psychedelic side of their sound. It's even more stripped down, reminding me acts like Switchblade or the slower, atmospheric parts of Terra Tenebrosa. Just listen for your self and take your own conclusions. Buy it here.