† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 29 de junho de 2012

Mass Culture "Amoralism"

Mass Culture are a Post-metal/Down-tempo/Sludge / Experimental formed in 2011, is composed from four individuals, coming from Tripolis-Sparti-Athens, Greece.

Each member has had its own musical path and identity, but having common components and a wide appreciation for the music of bands such as Isis, Neurosis, Cult of Luna, they decided to start up a band somewhere along those lines. They started, however, experimenting and incorporating further elements into their music, varying from the post-hardcore outfits of Time to Burn and Buried Inside, to the doomy sound of Yob, with a Fall of Efrafa/ Downfall of Gaia dark neocrust feel, retaining the ambient/post-metal Omega Massif-like sound and, of course, many more.

I personally find Mass Culture's sound very close to a Coffin Dancer, VYGR, Tree of Sores or even Rituals. These four tracks on "Amoralism" are extremely addictive, i can't get tired of listening to this over and over. The sound is perfect, it has that echoing deepness attached to the Mass Culture's melody gives a dark and grim personality to the music, giving it epic proportions that develops into an absorbing environment that encloses us for almost half an hour. The band is giving this fantastic EP for free so listen to it, absorb it, spread it. Highly recommended.

quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Wrathprayer "The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur's Essence Which Spawned Death and Life"

And yet another killer album for the year...

I really couldn't pass this one. South America always had something special when it comes to heavy music, there's something over there that really drives people crazy about metal. The brutal, the better. Chile's Wrathprayer are a fine example of it. After two Demos, the band finally offers us their tribute to the Lord ov Darkness. Simply called "The Sun of Moloch: The Sublimation of Sulphur's Essence Which Spawned Death and Life", it unleashes 9 of the most evil and sulphur filled tracks you could possible imagine. Wrathprayer's blend of death/black metal comes, in a certain way, to revitalize the scene. Just think of bands like Witchrist, Teitanblood, Pseudogod, Mitochondrion, Antediluvian, Revenge, etc... and add this one right into the same dark and bottomless pit. The scent of sulphur is strong on this one and it carries the mark of the Beast. Another great contender from the List. And man... i love the artwork. Highly Recommended. Get it here.

Witchrist "The Grand Tormentor"

Oh rejoice! For they have arise from the depths of Hell!

Finally! One of the albums i was very eager to hear this ear has arrived. New Zealand's Witchrist with their brand new full-length "The Grand Tormentor". Simply one of the best death metal albums for the present year. "The Grand Tormentor" is simply filled with a very powerfully dense atmosphere from the beginning until the end. The thick and sultry sound production only enhances even more the morbid stench of death on this one. I'm completely blown' away by this release. It is every thing i expected from these demons. An album you MUST not miss, absolutely essential. It's too hot to write more about it so i'll pass this one fast. With this one my day just got better, thanks to my pal Sanakan over at Equivoke, a huge, huge "Thank You" for putting this one up my friend. Buy it here.

You can already hear the bells as the evil chants are getting closer, be prepared to feel the fear as you enter Witchrist's temple of death..   Just listen to it and worship.

terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

Venus Star "Wild Grains & Turningheads..." EP

Venus Star is another curious project coming straight from the darkest side of Circle of Ouroborus member and incredible musician Atvar. I must confess I'm not the biggest COO fan, but Venus Star is a totally different beast. It's not as weird as COO, Venus Star is focused on a more gloomy, primeval and obscure death metal with some notable black metal influences, Venus Star has released, this year only, two EP's and a full-length. I've heard this EP the most and i'm totally into this. Featuring three tracks only, Venus Star unleashes upon us a very heavy, unbreathable atmosphere, the sound, that shines a very low-budget and raw production, brings to my mind something in the likes of Crepusculo Negro's Muknal. There's some very dense, thick and obscure death metal on this one, like in the opening track "Let Blood", with that hammering rhythm that drags us into the depths of the most dark and haunted mausoleums where constant shadow with fiery eyes lurks on every corner, waiting for the right timing to get their cold claws on your flesh. But beside all of that grimness on this EP, there is still room for a more melodic tone, like we can witness on the last track "Nighteater", a much more accessible and a wonderful track. I only wished there were more songs featured on this EP, because i really love it, that's the only negative aspect i can point on this one. 

Besides Venus Star new release i strongly recommend you to hear also the new release from another of Atvar's projects, called Rahu. The brand new album entitled "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" is really, really good. 

Wormridden "Infesting the Grave" 7"

Things have turned out slowly here at FxC, really slow. The thing is, I can't seem to find any spare time lately, not even to scratch my back. And all of this heat wave that has been striking over out continent isn't making this easy either... you will have to excuse me but this time i'll just copy paste some write-ups about this bloody release on this next post. 
"When death metal is so muddy and sticky, when the veneration of the a slow demise is as intriguing as fascinating, when the loweness of the lowest is being brought into the unconatinable shape of the infesation and the spilling bloodshed is unstoppable, then and only then, is when the truest abomination really begings and when the worst to come is close to its start. Could it be it any other way when the hideouness itself is being pus sprayed by long time depraved and dwellers of the underworld Takashi from Anatomia and David from Undergang? The combination of such unrecommended bad comapanies from both shores, but with a common and strong link when it comes to their deviations and total lack of empathy for any form of life, only could conclude on a rise of nameless crimes that suffocates, terrifies and strikes fear into. If it would be cleaner, faster and straight it woulnd't be Wormriden, it wouldn't be death metal nor the last day on your fucking and worthless life."

quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Burnsred "Burnsred" Review

Loosely fitting into the doom/sludge/post-metal genre, San Francisco's Burnsred play music which ebbs and flows through harmonic progressions, tempo changes, and dynamic shifts, while maintaining a presence both raw and unfettered. With this self titled album, Burnsred shows us that the sludge/doom scene can still surprise us. Mixing some classically inspired melodies, elaborate song structures, and caustic tone yield a brand of metal with the Sturm und Drang of Neurosis, the morose gloom of Asunder, the visceral sludginess of Burning Witch, and the tranquil melancholy of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Burnsred have created their unique sound, showing left-field tendencies, incorporating outside influences and favoring nuanced musicianship over adherence to genre norms. The result is ornate in arrangement and composition, yet austere in thematic unity.

The first minute i started to hear this release, it instantly ingrained on me, with their heavy and melodic sludge/doom approach creating a very interesting sonic landscape, like we can hear on the opening track "Beartrap", that starts with some very distant piano notes that give the motto seconds before a giant wave of riffs splashes upon us. Although the tracks are long, they vary from 7 to 9 minutes long, it's impossible to fall into boredom, the band successfully alternates the rhythm and the course within the tracks which is something really remarkable since it's done in a very fluid yet spontaneous way.

A perfect example of that is the track "A Sentence", one of the best and most interesting tracks of this album. They could play a one hour track, making us losing track of time, as we're completely in this state of trance caused by their music. Yet another high moment of this release is the track "Standby", clearly one of my favorite tracks, showing us the astonishing ability and versatility of  the band, by combining the various styles and tempos within the track, captivating and keeping the listener always on a short leash. Burnsred is one of those successful cases where i get the feeling that they function very well as a whole, every single instrument is just there, with a perfect notion of time. The vocals are also one of the most interesting highlights in the music of Burnsred, it has a fairly rough and dry tone which i like a lot, very much à la Burning Witch and not so guttural and hollow like most generic bands within the genre.

The album closes with, to me is the perfect track to end this, "Mirror", terminating this brilliant record in an apotheosis and epic way. As doomy guitar and bass weave above pummeling drums and beneath a thin layer of rasped vocals, ambient noise, and keyboards, a sound roaring from the skerries of the San Francisco metal underground... burns red. Without shadow of doubt a very addictive album. Recommended!

Feel free to check out the band's website in order to keep yourself updated. Recommended for fans of Neurosis, Battlefields, Burning Witch, etc. Buy and support good music! It only costs a mere $5.

quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

Dark Elite "Enter The Void"

Another good surprise for the year is this self released EP "Enter the Void" by the mysterious Finnish black metal band Dark Elite.

Formed by T.Honkanen - Guitars, H.Hyytiäinen - Bass, E.Keränen - Vocals and E.A - Drums, this mysterious elite has crafted, within the stars and dark cosmic universes, a very interesting piece. Musically speaking, Dark Elite's sound floats around some black/death metal like their Finnish brothers in arms, Desolation Shrine, unleashing five tracks filled with some very serious and powerful cosmic blackness, swallowing into this pitch black universe of a well orchestrated chaos. The sound production is great, absolutely professional giving this EP one of the factors why you should hear it. Great structured songs, i specially enhance the track "Sic Itur Ad Astra", which is the perfect example of what this band is capable of. I also must give credit to E.Keränen, for a fabulous vocal work on this EP, giving a more tenebrous and malefic aura to the whole environment on  "Enter the Void". The band has a very interesting website, you can check out here, that allows you absorb this whole experience as a whole superb concept. These guys are on to something. Let's wait and see what the stars tells us.

Meanwhile, the band is giving this amazing EP for free, check it out and follow their steps here or  here. Don't sleep on this one. Recommended.

sábado, 16 de junho de 2012

Mutant Supremacy "Rotting Season" EP

i haven't been blogging a lot, due to lack of time mostly to professional and personal motives. Professional, as i'm like a fucking octopus at work, doing several stuff at the same time, trying not to lose my grip and personal, as i wish to spend more and more time with my family, specially with my "Mini Me". You see, there's much more to life than standing in front of a computer blogging. 

To all the bands, labels who have sent me requests, i haven't forgot you all. In time i will listen to the stuff you've sent me and we'll see.

So without further ado, i give you the soundtrack for your weekend: Mutant Supremacy's "Rotting Season" 7"EP, filled with 4 tracks of crude, hateful old-school deathmetal. Enjoy and go outside, play this loud on your car, earphones while ridding a bike, skate, motorcycle, whatever. Just be safe.

segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

Kill "Burning Blood"

"Burning Blood" is Sweden's black metal band Kill fourth full length that marks the return to their most pestilent and raw round. To be fairly honest, there's nothing new in the package except for some evil, satan worshiping, dark and vicious black metal. Presenting a fairly simple structure in the tracks bridged with some very melodic and catchy riffs, like in the opening track "Veni Satana". But what i enjoy the most about "Burning Blood", is the whole old school black/thrash metal vibe around it. A really good sound production, all the instruments sound clear but still can deliver some evil sounds capable of corrupting our soul and the voice is really, really good, like a fire ball bursting from Satan's breath in your face. Really well made black metal with the quality seal "made in Sweden". Just listen to this and worship Satan, goddamn it! Support and buy it here.

sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Ash Pool "Cremation is Irreversible"

Ash Pool mark their return again, this time with a two song EP with the curious title of "Cremation is Irreversible". If you know this band very well, then you already know what to expect here: some of the most incredibly loud, noisy, lo-fi, raw black metal. I was listening to the tape rip on my iPod and as this started it scared the shit out of me, especially due to the volume i was listening, that is one only: loud!

Basically the tracks are divided as two acts, "Cremation is Irreversible - pt I" that starts with this almost ritualistic chanting before it blasts into trillions of sharp needles right into your ear drum causing almost sudden deafening. Although it's loud and raw, Ash Pool's sound on this EP is clear enough for we to distinguish the sharp wall of riffs that goes on into this frenetic rollercoaster of punk infused black metal. The second act, "Cremation is Irreversible - pt II", is the tail of this ouroboros snake. It's connected to the previous track and it ends precisely where the first track begins. Get it? An authentic vicious circle of rawness and conceptual black metal at its finest. Loved the sound of this EP and just can't wait for Ash Pool's future releases.

Meanwhile i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
The tape is sold out over at BSD, but if you're lucky maybe you'll find one floating around on sites like Discogs. In the meantime enjoy this rip.

Karcavul "Rawctaver"

Karcavul are an extreme doom band coming from Lyon, France. This three piece goal is basically to cause as must disgust as possible throughout their murky and rotten doom. So rotten that they classify their own music as "Necro Doom Extreme" and i totally agree with that. Containing 4 slabs of some of the most necro doom, "Rawctaver" successfully impersonates his goal to the listener, leaving him uncomfortable and sick as possible.

The opening track "Varices", that means something related to varicose veins, opens with one of the most obnoxious sounds to me... the irritating buzzing sound of flies as they fly around... i don't want to even imagine it, i just had lunch. Karcavul is heavy. This whole orchestra of decay works very well as a whole even when they unexpectedly change the tempos from that dragged, filthy sludge doom to a storm of death metal filled with some blast beats as well. Another piece of horror pulled apart from Karcavul's worst nightmare is "Sacamerde", a brutal and heavy as fuck track, where the band keeps on alternating from slow to fast in a blink of an eye. Although the main influence of Karcavul is clearly sludge doom, there are also some death metal parts like in "Culacl Rnael", where the bands immediately speeds up at a death metalish pace, layered with very deep growls causing the ground to shake below our feet. It closes with "Sépir", a track that maintains under a steady reign, the alignment of horror that we had so far. Drinking influences from some of the most brutal genres in heavy music, Karcavul successfully managed to expose their (twisted) vision of the World. If i could resume this release in one word it would probably be: Devastating.

"Rawctaver" is also available for purchase, right here, it comes with a very nice packaging, although the band had the (sick) pleasure of giving it for free at their Bandcamp. Support the sick tunes!

Almagest "Almagest"

Self titled debut for this cosmic inspired band coming from the U.S. Presenting two full tracks (actually there are four, but includes an intro and outro, of blackened funeral doom that progress into each other flawlessly along  with winding guitar melodies and hypnotic rhythms. Two opposites poles of cosmic energy, "En Void", has a more funeral doom atmosphere, a very deep and mournful track while "Sintaxis Ecliptica " is a blasting comet of black metal full of dark matter. I also must emphasize the great sound production of this demo, really, really good. In general it's a great debut for this band, that started perfectly and from whom i wish to hear much more in the future. The Almagest self titled Demo tape is available at A Terre Store here. Stay tuned for this and many other awesome releases here. Embrace the dark side of the cosmos and listen to this right now. Recommended!

Blåkulla "Darkened by an Occult Wisdom"

Blåkulla is a one man black metal band that goes under the pseudonym of Surtr Blackmoon Emperor, and "Darkened by an Occult Wisdom" is the first release of this obscure french black metal act. Containing 5 tracks, in which some of them even surpass the mark of 9 minutes, "Darkened by an Occult Wisdom" is a very solid and interesting release, specially when you think that there's only one man behind all of this. I can immediately sense the influence of early Burzum and Darkthrone on Blåkulla's sound, it's primitive, raw, aggressive and extremely nefarious. Said that, Blåkulla's music is filled with all of that true black metal essence but it also carries some occult aura over it, giving the tracks an haunting atmosphere. From the beginning to the end we get these hellish and epic tremolo picking allied with unstoppable blastbeats being constantly fired by the drum kit, Surtr's voice sounds deep, almost as if it was layered behind all of the instruments, and the bass, yes... he is present and is quite noticeable in the entire record. Although the tracks seem repetitive when compared to each other and within them i feel that Surtr must review his formula in order to avoid the common listener to fall into boredom. But even so, Surtr definitely gives us some glorious tracks, like the opening "Ancient Mysticism & Fullmoon", "Revelations Of Celtic Sorcery" and "Victory & Glory Or Death", that are filled with great epic moments and pay true respect to the old canons of true black metal. Recommended to all of those who like their black metal like i like my coffee.. black, no sugar-coating, no faking, and no drama. Released as a limited edition cassette last year on Cold Void Emanations.

†Link removed by request†

quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Profond Barathre & Rorcal & Malvoisie

Greetings! Things are running a little bit slow here on FxC but i have not forgotten all you guys & gals out there, so today i bring you one of my latest addictions, this collaborative release between Profond Barathre & Rorcal & Malvoisie. 3 bands, 3 tracks, 3 approaches. In the aim of creating something special (or uncreating for others), this collaborative work has been a very long process to visualize something more than just a gathering of songs with single identities. But rather to shape a story through 45 minutes of darkness, atmospheric, violent and hysterical waves of sound and screams. Opening with Profond Barathre, followed by Rorcal and finalized by Malvoisie. 3 chapters to be discovered in one straight listening. I'm unfamiliar with the work of Profond Barathre and Malvoisie, i only know Rorcal from this triad. Although i love Rorcal to death, definitely one of the best sludge/doom acts coming out of Europe, i still believe that this band isn't getting the attention they really deserve, seriously, they have done some amazing work, and they just keep on getting better and better, and proving that is their track on this release... simply amazing. Rorcal is one amazing beast of its kind. They have done a lot of hard work, carrying a very praising DIY attitude, so the least you can do is support them by buying something. You won't regret it, trust me.

This collaborative release is available for free, although i strongly advise you to get a physical copy here. It's limited to 200 copies and released by their hand through CALOFROR Records. Highly recommended.

sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

Guidelines "Guidelines" EP

Here is a cool request i received some days ago (by the way, to all you guys who have sent me material, you have not fallen into oblivion) on my mailbox. Guidelines are a hardcore/punk/screamo band from New Jersey presenting their new self titled EP that consists on 4 tracks of new and fresh material.

The sound of Guidelines distinguishes itself within the genre and that is precisely what caught my attention for this release. Their sound just doesn't conform to any schema or skeleton. The voice is very abrasive and could almost fit into any subgenre of black metal, but beyond that there are all over the EP, constant explosions and unexpected riffs that throw us against the wall with their sound waves in which the band outline their design, all of that transpires simple but honest and emotional raw screamo. In fact, despite being a genre that by now it doesn't say much to me, this EP did not fail to impress me. Guidelines are a young band who give their heart and soul in what they do and that is evident in their music. We must continue to respect and admire this new generation of artists who follow the guidelines of those classic icons within the genre. An EP that certainly cannot to be missed by fans of the genre.