† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 28 de junho de 2012

Witchrist "The Grand Tormentor"

Oh rejoice! For they have arise from the depths of Hell!

Finally! One of the albums i was very eager to hear this ear has arrived. New Zealand's Witchrist with their brand new full-length "The Grand Tormentor". Simply one of the best death metal albums for the present year. "The Grand Tormentor" is simply filled with a very powerfully dense atmosphere from the beginning until the end. The thick and sultry sound production only enhances even more the morbid stench of death on this one. I'm completely blown' away by this release. It is every thing i expected from these demons. An album you MUST not miss, absolutely essential. It's too hot to write more about it so i'll pass this one fast. With this one my day just got better, thanks to my pal Sanakan over at Equivoke, a huge, huge "Thank You" for putting this one up my friend. Buy it here.

You can already hear the bells as the evil chants are getting closer, be prepared to feel the fear as you enter Witchrist's temple of death..   Just listen to it and worship.

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