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sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

Ash Pool "Cremation is Irreversible"

Ash Pool mark their return again, this time with a two song EP with the curious title of "Cremation is Irreversible". If you know this band very well, then you already know what to expect here: some of the most incredibly loud, noisy, lo-fi, raw black metal. I was listening to the tape rip on my iPod and as this started it scared the shit out of me, especially due to the volume i was listening, that is one only: loud!

Basically the tracks are divided as two acts, "Cremation is Irreversible - pt I" that starts with this almost ritualistic chanting before it blasts into trillions of sharp needles right into your ear drum causing almost sudden deafening. Although it's loud and raw, Ash Pool's sound on this EP is clear enough for we to distinguish the sharp wall of riffs that goes on into this frenetic rollercoaster of punk infused black metal. The second act, "Cremation is Irreversible - pt II", is the tail of this ouroboros snake. It's connected to the previous track and it ends precisely where the first track begins. Get it? An authentic vicious circle of rawness and conceptual black metal at its finest. Loved the sound of this EP and just can't wait for Ash Pool's future releases.

Meanwhile i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
The tape is sold out over at BSD, but if you're lucky maybe you'll find one floating around on sites like Discogs. In the meantime enjoy this rip.

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