† And then the Curse swept the Earth

segunda-feira, 9 de setembro de 2013

Best Underrated Releases of 2012 Pt.II

As promised, here is Part.II of what i think that are some of the best underrated music released last year, that may have passed under the radar of many good people out there.

Some of the bands featured here may come as no surprise for some of you, but my sense tells me that there's one or two more bands that you might haven't heard yet. At least with the right time and attention. With this compilation i invite you all to discover these releases, that for me are absolutely awesome. Like i always say, if you enjoy what you hear, dig in deeper. Buy the album, support the artists. You won't regret it.

Since this second half is so heavy, i had to cut it in two parts.
So you have to download the two parts below, ok?


Side A | Side B


  1. GGUW - Untitled (taken from the EP "Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit")
  2. Kaevum - Tornekransens Fall (taken from the album "Natur")
  3. Szron - Becoming A Shadow (taken from the album "Death Camp Earth")
  4. Esoterica - Idololatriae (taken from the EP "Idololatriae")
  5. Urkaos - III (taken from the album "I")
  6. Nettlecarrier - The Boiling Blood (taken from the album "Nettlecarrier ") 
  7. Morgirion - Purification Through Fire (taken from the album "Infinite Retribution upon Paradise") 
  8. Esoterica - Knell (taken from the EP "Knell") 
  9. Alchemyst - Okkvltista (taken from the album "Nekromanteion") 
  10. Nethervoid - Empty Field Eloquence (taken from the album "In Swarms of Godless Wrath") 
  11. Vassafor - Rites of Ascension (taken from the album "Obsidian Codex") 
  12. Spectral Lore - All Devouring Earth (taken from the album "Sentinel") 
  13. The Water Witch - Winter's Burden (taken from the album "The Heavens in Traction") 
  14. Omega Centauri - I Am (taken from the album "Universum Infinitum") 
  15. Dommedagssalme - Passage (taken from the album "Chasm") 
  16. Elysian Blaze - The Temple Is Falling (taken from the album "Blood Geometry")
  17. Vaura - The Column's Vein (taken from the album "Selenelion")

sexta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2013

Best Underrated Releases of 2012 Pt.I

Well, better late than never, right? I know... sorry for the delay. You know that end of the year lists are a major pain in the ass, so last year i really thought about it and after seeing several "copy-paste" type of Lists, that really basically licked every major band and their labels asses, i thought to myself: "Fuck...". So i focused my attention on releases (and as releases i understand: Demo, EP, Split's, Album, whatever the band puts out. If you don't agree then get your own blog, fuck off) that are as good (or even better) than some titles found on most of those "mainstream" lists that flooded the web last year.

I've been planning this for ages, but (now for the rehearsed speech) time is the enemy and i can't make blogging out of a living. So cut the chat, let's get to the music. Boys and girls i give you my first part (of two) of my favorite underrated releases of last year. This first compilation is essentially made out of doom, hardcore, sludge, etc. I can lift up the veil a little bit and tell you that Part II is dedicated to the blackest side of metal.

Get into this. If possible check the whole album where the track comes from, burn it into a CD to hear on your stereo, car, etc. Cook it with some peas, i don't care. Just listen to it. Hope you enjoy.

Note: The playlist has been updated. I fucked up and in the first .zip file there was one track that was from 2013. Sorry for that. You can check out the setlist below.

Forever in the shadow


  1. Column of Heaven - After the Mission (taken from the album "Mission From God")
  2. Column of Heaven - Buried Secrets (taken from the album "Mission From God")
  3. Aksumite - Angel Strike Animal (taken from the album "Prideless Lions")
  4. Ascetic: - Uroboros (Up From Eden) (taken from the album "Self Initiation")
  5. This Gift Is A Curse - Att hata allt mÑnskligt liv (taken from the album "I, Guilt Bearer")
  6. Hexis - Seputus (taken from the EP "Seputus | Fatum")
  7. Torch Runner - Committed to the Ground (taken from the album "Committed To The Ground")
  8. Godstopper - Blame Them (taken from the album "What Matters")
  9. Dephosphorus - Uncharted (taken from the album "Night Sky Transform")
  10. Nekromantheon - Cast Down to the Void (taken from the album "Rise, Vulcan Spectre")
  11. Fister - Violence V: Megabolide (Return to The Heavens) (taken from the EP "Violence")
  12. Drowning Horse - Of the Wild (taken from the album "Drowning Horse")
  13. Anguish - Book Of Fox (taken from the album "Through the Archdemon's Head")
  14. Faustcoven - Hellfire and Funeral Bells (taken from the album "Hellfire and Funeral Bells")
  15. Bereft - Ethereal Dispersal (taken from the album "Leichenhaus")
  16. Faal - My Body Glows Red (taken from the album "The Clouds Are Burning")
  17. Hell - Decedere (taken from the album "III")

segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013

The Lion's Daughter "Shame on Us All"

Hell yeah! The latest effort of the St. Louis band, The Lion's Daughter, one of the most underrated bands out there, is now available as "name your price". Nevertheless, that's no reason for you to no support them. Buy some of their shit here. "Shame on Us All" is a powerful storm of apocalyptic, dirty and furious decibels. Prepare to get your ass kicked.