† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Vansköpun "Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu"

I discovered this band as a recommendation from a member of Ignifer. And what a great recommendation. So after i streamed the track "Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu" over and over and over on their Bandcamp, i really got curious to hear the rest. So i bought the tape. It's good to see that tapes are back on the map. Just the other day i saw on the news about a portuguese company that, in their glory days, used to supply big part of Europe. They are still going nowadays, not with the same workflow they had some years ago but.. they are still running. But the main thing is that tapes are cheaper than CDs and they are this little nostalgic time machines that make me travel back in time. And i like the sound that comes out of that dark brown tape. One thing that really stood out of this EP is in fact the sound. In this specific case, it's excellent. No wonder this was produced by Kark (from Dødsengel) at the Kark Mastering studio.

Although the format might be ancient, Vansköpun’s black metal is modern. There’s a hint of Swedish orthodox Black Metal to be found here with a lot of suicidal tendencies added to the mix with horror and death. "Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu" EP consists of three tracks; “Genesis 6:17″, which could be put down as an intro as it clocks in at little under three minutes compared to the eight minute mark the two full tracks, “Botnlaust Tómið Hungrar” and “Alsæla Gegnum Endurfæðingu”, seem to be going for. The approach that Vansköpun make to their black metal is really interesting, although i would like to hear more, these three tracks can basically give you an idea of what they are here for. Mixing variations on from slow-mid-fast, the whole environment on the songs is inert, dense and hypnotic. Perhaps suffering from that "First Demo Syndrome" at some points we might find some stagnant points, but it doesn't seem fair to judge that from only three tracks from the band. In short, it's a good and one of the "freshest"  releases i've heard so far this year. Let's wait and see what might emerge from the shadows of Iceland. Buy it here (great guys to deal with, and tons of awesome releases). Recommended.

quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Serpentine Path "Serpentine Path" EP

Featuring members of one of my favorite bands, Unearthly Trance and Ramesses, Serpentine Path delivers with this first self titled EP, two tracks of the most crushing, slow and dense hypnotic doom. And with this, the doom stake just got higher. I was really anxious for this one. This is mandatory, seriously. Grab one of the copies here. The only negative aspect i find on this one is that it features two tracks only, i know these guys must be pretty busy with their own bands and other side projects (like the awesome The Howling Wind for example) but i hope that with this EP they set the tone for a full-length. Expect nothing but the best doom on this one. Highly recommended!! Buy!

segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012

Sorrows "Threads" EP

It's been a while since this band released something. "Threads" is the new EP brought by the Atmospheric Black Metal act Sorrows. The EP features one track only of about 15 minutes length. I quite enjoyed this release, you can tell it's well crafted, it's raw but with the right amount of melody, that creates a cosy atmosphere. If you're into Fell Voices, Ash Borer or the "cascadian" BM scene then this is a must-listen for you. Limited to 100 Cassettes it comes with a booklet of writings and photo's. Support them here. Follow their steps here.

Lake Of Blood "The Burial Grounds Sessions" EP

After the awesome "As Time And Tide Erodes Stone" from last year, California's Lake of Blood are back. This time with "The Burial Grounds Sessions" an EP recorded live in Salem, at the Burial Ground. Some of you might recognize that from being the home to the Woodsmoke collective, who gifted us with awesome bands like Munn, Leech, Merkstave, and many more. In this EP, Lake of Blood present two hefty, impressive rehearsal recordings on this 18-minute cassette. The sound is a little bit stuffy, but hey.. it's a live recording. Dwelling between some obscure doom and furious black metal "The Burial Grounds Sessions" shows us a more aggressive facet of the band. I mean it, these tracks are devastating. I totally got into the whole aura of this recording, the songs, the recording, the whole environment is just suffocating. This tape will be soon available on Eternal Warfare.  Meanwhile, Lake of Blood will be playing Gilead Media Music Fest next month, a must-see band indeed. Recommended!

domingo, 25 de março de 2012

Black Sheep Wall "No Matter Where It Ends"

Pitch black guitar clouds are seething and billowing on dark horizons. The leaden droning of Sludge creates a miasma of melancholy and foreboding of doom. Massive vocals erupt out of Trae Malone's gravel-filled throat with veins standing out thick as cables from a swollen neck. Combining scathing sludge, droning doom with some pissed-off hardcore vocals, and even some dashes of post-rock, "No Matter Where It Ends" is the follow-up to their 2008 "I Am God", their second LP (and release overall) sees the band landing on new label home Season of Mist. It sound like Will Haven on 33rpm... crushing. Get ready for a painful ride as heavy as dark yet catchy as it can be. Buy it here. Recommended for all you sludgesters out there.

sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

Mean Man's Dream "Demo"

Another of my recent Bandcamp discoveries. Mean Man's Dream, are a relatively new band from Massachusetts. Their demo tape is shaped by the furious delivery of intelligent lyrics fueled by political, social, and personal issue. The lyrical content is grounded by hard-hitting drums, and bass/guitar rhythms that shift from slowly melodic to intoxicatingly sludgy riffs that are balanced by faster parts. This tape is a dynamic contribution to hardcore as we know it. Good stuff here. Limited to 100 black tapes, you can pre-order it here

Malasangre "Lux Deerit Soli"

After seven years of hard work and isolation, Malasangre are out of their shrine, ready to spread their apocalyptic metal in the form of "Lux Deerit Soli": 2 songs, over 72 minutes of trance-inducing, absolutistic black-doom. 10 years after their first full length, some Demo and split in the meantime, Malasangre emerge again from the doom swamp. Delivering two snail paced, murky and crushing 30 minute track that will test your patience. A concept album on the dark age of Kali Yuga and on how to go through it with the help of alchemical knowledges. For fans of Burning Witch and Bunkur. Guys from the US can grab this here. Guys from Europe grab this here.

quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Svarte Greiner "Kappe"

It's been a while since i've posted some ambient, droning stuff. I guess it comes often, depending of my state of mind. In need of this "numbness" into my mind, i recently picked up Svarte Greiner's "Kappe". Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient project by Erik K Skodvin (full name, Erik Knive Skodvin), half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, formed in 2005 in Oslo.

At a first impression you might wonder what does it sound like. I can tell you it sounds exactly like it looks, just look at the artwork. The whole environmental palette on this album is just dark, dark, dark. "Kappe" is not an easy album for the common easy listener. But if you dare to look deeper into this sonic abyss, go ahead, continue reading.

the set is opened with "Tunnel Of Love", a blurry swell of dense tones and funereal howling before eventually throwing in a metallic clamour that cuts through the murk in a brilliantly discordant fashion. Disfigured guitars hum and fray in the background, but it's not until "Where Am I?" that more substantial drone developments take hold. The piece evolves from a sequence of glacial tones that eventually dissipate into the background, transformed into what might pass for demonic whalesong emanating from a misty fjord. Next comes the intriguingly titled "Candle Light Dinner Actress", the longest of the four pieces here and easily the most astonishing, hovering weightlessly over sixteen minutes of strained harmonics and searing overtones that will leave you gasping for breath. As is often the case with Svarte Greiner releases, it's not always easy to tell what instruments and sound sources are being tapped for these unearthly noises, but there's surely some deconstructed electric guitar in there somewhere and some heavily cloaked saxophone tones. Wrapping up the album, "Last Light" makes for a fittingly elegiac closing piece, populated by thick, noxious vapours, disembodied found sounds and strings bowed so coarsely and heavily that they begin to take on a knotted, thorny quality. There's a real air of restraint about "Kappe", and it's an album loaded with dark energy, always poised ambiguously between outright aural punishment and an impenetrably black chasm. A masterclass in organic, artful gloom, "Kappe" comes with the highest possible recommendation. You can buy this here.

quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2012

Split Cranium "Split Cranium"

Split Cranium is the new old-school crust punk/hardcore quartet helmed by ex-Isis mainman Aaron Turner, now of Mamiffer, and Jussi Lehtisalo of longtime Finnish shapeshifters Circle and Pharaoh Overlord. Their self-titled debut LP, out March 20 via Hydra Head, is an invigorating pile of hyperspeed riffs, d-beats, raw full-throttled vocals, and the occasionally epic noise detail. The fact of having A.Turner on this will probably sell itself to you immediately. I don't know why, but from what i've seen in other projects of this kind, i have this feeling that this won't last much, maybe they'll prove me i'm wrong. Meanwhile you can say you're the proud owner of a physical copy, buy it here.

terça-feira, 20 de março de 2012

Monads "Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem"

I believe that everything happens for a reason. The whole set of events which takes place in our lives every day, is the accumulation of big, or even the small decisions, we have to take every day during our lifetime. It's that whole concept of unity that puts us right where we are today. And today i bring you a band that i believe it crossed my path for a very good reason. 

Monads are a belgium funeral doom band that started their path in the beginning of 2011, as told to me by one of the members of the band, to whom i appreciate the attention and kindness that made this review possible, the name Monads is derived from the philosophical "monad", and this term is used to describe the idea of a person as a focal point of consciousness within a sea of greater consciousness, and it is believed that all things that can be considered a unity unto themselves constitute a monad as well. Confused? I'll try to give you an example: the sound of breaking waves on the beach is a perception composed of individual drops of water (minuscule perceptions). We consciously perceive not every single drop of water, however, when the droplets come together in a sufficient amount, they produce a perception: the sound of breaking waves. 

That's exactly what Monads, this "pentad", have created with "Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem". With their music they have created an overwhelming perception of this multiplicity of feelings and emotions that lie in every note, flooding our ears and filling our soul with great music. "Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem", latin for "Intellect judges over truth", materializes this whole concept brought to you by Monads. The cover of the Demo illustrates a snake circling a cross, and the interpretation of it is that only perfection can bridge the gap between that which is temporal, causal and infinite. "Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem" consists in 5 massive and crushing tracks, blending classic funeral doom elements with some modern doom and the result is quite majestic and overwhelming. The Demo begins with "The Stars Are Screaming" and what starts as a dark and monolithic track soon evolves, just when we thought that was impossible within the track, into a more grieve-full but amazingly beautiful track. And this is just the first example of what is about to follow: a perambulation into deep, dark and desolate valleys, inhabited by colossal riffs that exhale sorrow and grief on every single note. I love to death all tracks but my favorite is "Absent as in these Veins", a track that with its simplicity, sweeps us high and suddenly brings us to fall on our knees. The passages through the heaviness and melody are perfect and flawless. Monads know exactly and have meticulously studied, the effect of every note on this essay.

It's been quite a while since i've heard some well played funeral Doom. And to be honest, this Demo doesn't even sound like a Demo at all. Fans of Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Aldebaran, Ocean, Ataraxie,  beware. Monads did an amazing work creating, through every single note, their own perception, that fills, in a majestic way, our senses and our soul. Head dive into the dark waters of "Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem" and let yourself drown in it... slowly. Epic. Highly Recommended.

Right now, the band are looking for options to re-release the demo on CD and/or vinyl so if by the way you're in the music business or know someone who does, who's honest and serious, please contact them here

segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

Vattnet Viskar "Vattnet Viska" EP

In the last few years we were gifted with some of the best new excellent BM acts like Ash Borer, False, Barghest, Bosse-de-Nage, Fell Voices, Deafheaven and many others. And now we have been blessed with another one. Following a very well-received 2011 Demo, Vattnet Viskar, have released through Broken Limbs Records, their first self-titled EP. Being such a young band in the scene, they sure don't sound like one though. They show us a very solid and mature sound. A sound with a far more experience than many other "rookie" bands emerging on the scene. Vattnet Viskar’s debut EP is an impressive statement that indicates that they will remain one of the more interesting acts in the USBM movement. They have a way of expressing themselves that reaches inside of you and makes you feel something. Be sure to grab this amazing EP here (very few copies made) and in the meantime head to their Bandcamp and also grab the gorgeous two-track 2011 Demo. Meanwhile a split with Black Monolith (Deafheaven), will be soon released on Broken Limbs, so you better not sleep on this one too, follow the band here. Great Band, awesome EP. Highly Recommended.

Ringing Bell "Hospital Corners"

Ok, here is a quickie one just to keep up the pace with all my blogger neighbors. I've been more busy than a hooker on a saturday night, i got some goodies and i hope to post them soon. And sorry for the lack of response to some emails, i'll give feedback soon.. promise. Meanwhile check this band out: Ringing Bell. The name might sound a little silly but after you hear it the first time, you will play it over and over again. There isn't much info about these guys (or guy) on the web, the only thing i know is that it hails from Denmark and it's brutal. Down-tuned, heavy-as-fuck, gloomy death metal with a guttural deep cavernous voice is what you will get on these 3 tracks on "Hospital Corners". Good stuff.

quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2012

Black Breath "Sentenced To Life"

Ok, i know this is an album many of you are expecting (including myself) so I'm gonna blindly post this here on FxC... heard only a preview track some time ago and read that this new release is more Death Metal-ish than "Heavy Breathing". So enough chitchat and let's get to business... it's 9 a.m and i have my boss peaking over my shoulder already... Buy this here.

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

Ab Imo Pectore "The Dissociative Path"

Ab Imo Pectore, emerges in Portugal around 2009; spawn by Iunus’s mind, in an attempt to express his abstract visions. Shortly after, W.uR appears and together they conceive the first form. Still, something was missing in order to reach the path to perfect plenitude. That’s when Eter joins and closes this hermetic manifestation. And the result of this unholy gathering is at sight, from the most dark corners of Ab Imo Pectore mind, emerges "The Dissociative Path" released earlier in the beginning of the year by the hands of Debemur Morti ProductionsThe lyrics are quite allegorical and approach themes like metaphysics or gnosis of things, while their sound breathes classic influences of later 90's and from the latest Black Metal acts. Ab Imo Pectore (latin for "from the deepest chest") achieved, effectively, to pass in just 6 tracks, their whole delusional, yet hostile, view of the World.

The Demo begins with "Shearers Of God", and what seemed like an intro, soon it metamorphoses into something evil that sucks you into this strange and delusional scenario in which we are ruthlessly dragged around... this strange garden, while macabre whispers and laughters haunt our mind creating Dantesque visions in our head. "Mother of Mothers" keeps on bringing to my mind Dario Argento's cult classic "La Terza Madre" or "Mother Of Tears", in a almost maternal way, the voice seems to wrap us in a slower pace but soon it morphs into a more frenetic rhytm. There is clearly a concern that all the conditions are created so that we are swallowed with this manic and eccentric environment. "Mass Grave Emanations" is probably the most fast track of the Demo, sweating hate in all of his pores, it harasses us violently as this obscure figure in the background, reads us our last rites. Meanwhile a strange peace in the midst of this organized chaos arrives with the instrumental/interlude track "Space Devouring Space", and it fits and sets the tone perfectly for the next track, "Sulphur Garden". Once again the tone is set by this experimental and ritualistic Black Metal orchestrated by the band with all of its bitterness exhaled from their cold and lifeless bodies. The end soon arrives with "A Boundless Dispersion", an obscure instrumental track that serves as an outro, but somehow to me, it feels like it's almost a harbinger of things to come..

One of the great strengths of this band, is how they manage to combine the atmospheric elements with the ugliness and rawness of Black Metal, which gives them an unique personality and it easily releases them from the other new bands that are emerging in the scene. Although the influences of the French Black Metal scene are more than obvious, and add to that some US acts like Leviathan, i can almost relate Ab Imo Pectore's sound to the very interesting and underrated Icelandic BM scene... think of Wormlust and the most recent case, Vansköpun. Unpredictability lurks around every track and within them. This is one factor that pleases me the most in this release. This sick twist between pleasure and suffering plunged into blackness, is the core of  "The Dissociative Path". Besides that, another of the highlights is certainly the excellent production of both sound and visual. It's great to see new bands like Ab Imo pectore arise within the national scene which itself raises the quality of what is best made on my land Lusitania. Hail Ab Imo Pectore! You can grab a copy of the tape here. Highly Recommended for fans of Leviathan, Blut Aus Nord, Wormlust, Deathspell Omega.

terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Hooded Menace & Horse Latitudes "Split" 12''

The latest split 12″ from one of my favorite bands, Hooded Menace, this time with their fellow Finnish countrymen, the gloomy doomsters, Horse Latitudes. Hooded Menace brings an almost 9 minute long track with the usual intro made out of old horror movies, which is cool, while Horse Latitudes throw in an almost 10 minute long trippy and gloomy track. Hooded Menace have been on a frenzy split spree lately while Horse Latitudes released last month a brand new album, "Awakening". Meanwhile you can grab this split here

segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

Dunmharu "October"

Here is an interesting one man Black Metal band hailing from Ireland, Dunmharu. Just for curiosity, the word "dúnmharú" is an irish gaelic word that stands for "murder". And murder is exactly what "October" will make you feel. In 9 tracks, Dunmharu explores and shares his own vision of a cold, grim and cursed World. The sound is ruthlessly cruel, like crossing a maze made out of sharpened branches . The album starts with "Introduction" that leads my mind to travel to these dark woods, where drops of rain mixes with the blood of a cold dead body that lies on the floor, the ritual has begun. The sound is really raw and primitive and exhales malignancy in all of his seven forked tongues along "October". The voice has got to be one of the most wicked ones i've ever heard on a Black Metal album, it's loud and rasp as hell. These are some of the details that i enjoy the most on this release. If you dig, dark and raw Black Metal then this one is for you.

domingo, 11 de março de 2012


Wow.. so after that climax with the new Ignivomous and Lord Mantis, here are some chilling tunes from BIIPIIGWAN. Presenting their new EP called "Nibaak" (don't ask me what does it mean) following their 2010's debut with "God's Hooks". If you know this band by now then you'll know what to expect: noisy, loud, devastating Canadian sludge. It's equivalent by being hit in the face by some real pissed grizzly bear's paw, listen to it below and you'll see what i mean.

sábado, 10 de março de 2012

Ignivomous "Contragenesis"

Another beast that landed here at the Haxan's den... new Ignivomous album, "Contragenesis". I really wasn't expecting this so soon, i was caught up by surprise and yes man... what a bestial album. It will be available soon to purchase through Nuclear War Now. I assure you it's worth every cent. What a powerful album. Can not recommend this more. This one goes out to you zito... wherever you are. Get into it now!

Lord Mantis "Pervertor"

One of the most expected albums for this year is "Pervertor" from Lord Mantis. This super group that features members of Nachtmystium and Indian created a black beast beauty with this. "Pervertor", with an amazing artwork by the great Justin Bartlett, introduces us 7 tracks in 46 minutes of some punishing blackened sludge. Charlie Fell’s voice in "Pervertor" it's just like thorns in our brain while we are consistently punished with mantodean riffs that will crawl up our spine and carve into our flesh. To be honest i was expecting something really heavy and dirty with this one, maybe it's me... I'm getting more and more demanding with music. It took a few listens for it to get under my skin but now it's there, and it just won't leave so soon. Buy it here. You know this is absolutely recommended here in the Haxan's cave.. now go listen Goddamn-it!

Tempest "Solace" EP

Fuck yes! Tempest are back with some brand new tracks, and amazing ones! "Solace" EP, delivers two great songs, simply called "Solace I" and "Solace II". "Passages" was one of the best releases i heard back in 2010 and it's awesome to see that the band has not softened, instead they deliver two bursts of energetic dark hardcore tracks that, i hope, are the thrust for their new full length... hopefully this year. Support these guys and their Distro (who kindly put this one up for free) by buying something here.

Mutilation Rites "I Am Legion"

Mutilation Rites are back with this brand new EP "I Am Legion". Each of the three songs on "I Am Legion" are entirely re-worked and re-recorded versions of early Mutilation Rites demos, I already posted the two  MR Demos here on FxC. What could you expect on this new EP? Another great dose of that filthy and thrashy Black Metal. This one is getting out through the hand of Gilead Media, so be sure to support this awesome band by picking one copy here. A big thanks to my friend Luxury_Cannibal from the amazing Perception Through Dissonance for pointing me the way to this one.

sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

Embrace of Thorns "Praying for Absolution"

Another release that maybe passed unnoticed through many people is the latest Embrace of Thorns's "Praying for Absolution" released last year. With it, Embrace of Thorns, continue their path to total devastation, delivering 13 tracks of some of the best Black/Death made out there. I must tell you that this is no "Atonement Ritual", even the artwork isn't as cute, but don't get me wrong, this album sweats more blackness, darkness than its predecessor. Another thing in this album is the amount of interludes, it can be cool at a first auditions but after hearing it for quite some time, we tend to skip them to the real deal, the songs. Nuclear War Now has some interesting versions of this album so check them out here.

Hetroertzen "Exaltation of Wisdom"

Amazing dark, ritualistic black metal from Chile. Hetroertzen's "Exaltation of Wisdom" has everything that a true Black Metal should have: decent compositions, excellent musicianship, thoughtful lyrics and serious approach to the recording and mixing process with the retention of characteristic rawness of the sound and the creation of great magical atmosphere that will give you some chills on the back of your skull. I never heard of this band before, found them while i was shopping on the web.. really shopping, yeah i buy albums too. I was totally blown away by the quality of this, only took a few listens to the track "Like the Serpent" for me to be totally surrendered to this mystical and occult Black Metal preached by Hetroertzen. Absolutely brilliant. Recommended to everyone into serious occult Black Metal. You can buy this wonderful Digi-CD, which have been remastered, with 24 page booklet with Lyrics and Art here. Highly Recommended.

Omega Centauri "Universum Infinitum"

16,000 light-years away from us, lies the brightest and largest globular cluster in the Milky Way, containing about 10 million stars that orbit the center of this globular cluster named Omega Centauri. The stars in globular clusters are generally older, redder and less massive than our Sun.

One of the bigger surprises of the year comes courtesy of Omega Centauri - a two man project formed in 2006 by the drummer and guitarist Tom Vallely from England and Rob Polon from Belgium who joined the project to perform vocals on recordings. The compositions on "Universum Infinitum" were written and recorded over spontaneous periods of time between January 2006 and January 2011. Blending Black Metal, Ambient and a plethora of styles into one monumental whole, "Universum Infinitum" is an entity in its own right, standing far above and outside the mundanity of what is often referred to as "extreme metal". Ideologically, the main focus of the music and lyrical content on the band's debut album "Universum Infinitum" is directed towards the study of the human condition; often encompassing ideas from the associated fields of philosophy, psychology and theology. Musically, a mixture of stylistic features often associated with black metal, post rock, jazz-fusion and classical music can be acknowledged on the recording. The music of Omega Centauri is a natural expression and communication of the imagination. Exploring the nature of perception one might scoff at the lack of light.. 

"Universum Infinitum" is a stellar brilliant burst of creativity. With "Universum Infinitum", Omega Centauri have delivered a stunning effort of atmospheric avantgarde / Post Black Metal. It's that kind of albums where you have to listen very closely because you don't want to miss a single second of it. You can buy it here. Highly Recommended.

quinta-feira, 8 de março de 2012

Sküll "Demo"

Another band that I could not help noticing, in consequence of that previous band Katechon, are Sküll. Featuring 2/5 of Katechon, this band delivers some really heavy and brutal Grind/Death/Crust. These guys are also preparing a 7'' soon, so it's better for you to stay updated and follow their activity here. Sharing the same occult imagery as Katechon, this band successfully passes that dark universe to their music, making them to sound as bleak as a Francis Bacon painting. Loved the sound of this band and i hope to hear more from them really soon.

Katechon "Demo" Tape

Here is another sweet find i made on Bandcamp a few weeks ago. Katechon, come from Trondheim, Norway. This is their Demo Tape that features three tracks of this awesome moldy Death Metal with some Thrash, Crust and Black influences. Besides that typical Demo sound, the songs have this occult and dark hidden face that will unfold along the music, although the Demo is short, it's pure concentrated goodness. These guys are preparing their first 7'' that, as they promise, it will be darker and more twisted than this Demo Tape. I really hope so, 'cause that's exactly the sort of things i like. Follow them thru their Facebook. Check them out below.

quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2012

Fvck Mountain "EP"

Another promising act coming from Australia. From Brisbane arrives Fvck Mountain, a young band playing this blend of Hardcore, Crust and Powerviolence. This is i believe, their first EP out and judging by the quality of the songs, the result is beyond average. You can tell this band has made their "homework" correctly and the conjugation of all of their influences culminates in a very good result. The production of this EP is great, it has that kind of sound that might bring to your mind bands like Full Of Hell, Baptists or other bands that fit in that catalogue. In general it's pretty cohesive. These boys still have a long road ahead, but in my opinion, for starters, they have achieved something here that is really great. If songs like "Second Chances", "Disconnect" or "Gifts" don't make you move, then you must be already dead. Check them out and stalk them here.

The Hunt "The Hunt" LP

The Hunt are a Hardcore/Crust/D-Beat band from Perth, Australia. They're said to be influenced by such bands as Tragedy, Fall Of Efrafa and Buried Inside. This is an "alternate"/earlier mix of their debut LP, made available for free download by their former guitarist (the final version would be re-mastered, with many of his guitar parts removed). The album is presented here as two gapless tracks, symbolizing the two sides of a vinyl LP. It is designed to be listened to as such, with the songs fading in to one and other to create a cohesive full-album experience. I've already posted the band's Demo here on FxC, but this LP sounds a hundred times much better, i had to split each side into separated files, so be sure to grab both. This heavy crust that The Hunt play is really awesome. It will be available soon on vinyl, although i can't tell you when it will come out or how you may get it, when i found out, i will drop a line in the comments of this post. Fans of the heavier and corrosive side of crust, like Masakari, Fall of Efrafa or Black Ships must give this a listen. Excellent material here. The hunt is on.. Recommended.

terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

Calvaiire "Rigorisme"

Another goodie i received the other day on my mailbox was Calvaiire's brand new "Rigorisme". Another great band coming out of the Throatruiner Records cartel, Calvaiire delivers in 4 powerful tracks, a good dose of this chaotic and dissonant fueled hardcore. The vocals bring to my mind "When Forever Comes Crashing" era Converge, the sound is very focused on the drums and the bass, they create a sound that, when played at a high volume, could easily create some cracks on the walls. And the guitars have that "euro-chaotic-hardcore" style we are already used to hear, clearly from the French Hardcore School. The whole set is pretty wicked and heavy. So be sure to not miss this one out. Throatruiner Records started from scratch and nowadays is one of the best labels of the genre, here in Europe. They give a lot of free stuff, and the quality of the bands is superb. So be sure to help these guys by buying some stuff here.

Rise And Fall "Faith"

Finally the 4th full length of the awesome belgian hardcore band Rise And Fall. These guys are one of my favorite Hardcore bands ever, i probably have more T-shirts from these guys than i have underwear. I just dig a lot that whole dark imagery universe around them. Many wannabe Hardcore bands have tried to copy Rise And Fall's sound over and over, but with no success, these guys have a really unique and heavy sound. Pure Punkmetal. The new album "Faith", sadly for me, isn't no "Into Oblivion", it follows more the sound of 2009's "Our Circle Is Vicious". But i can assure you that it's heavy. The last track on this album, "Faith / Fate", is just the cherry on the top of the cake, it's epic. If you're a fan of the genre, be sure to grab a copy of it at Deathwish Store or in a live show close to you. Will be having the pleasure of seeing these boys live next month, must not forget my earplugs. Recommended.

domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Standing On A Floor Of Bodies "Hostile Carbon Units" Demo

Described no their Bandcamp as "sharp-as-fuck apocalyptic horror grind // equal parts bass, drums, vocals (male & female) // the end is extremely fucking nigh", Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (SOAFOB) play this lightning fast and sharp as a sawblade, grind. Their sound can be described as putting your head into a wood chipper machine. Pretty much it. Their name reminds me that sort of bands from the early metal/grind/chaoscore stuff like Found Dead Hanging, Bodies In The Gear Of The Apparatus. But SOAFOB's music sure takes no prisoners, It's 7 tracks in a total of 4 minutes for you to get the picture. Some of these tracks will appear on their upcoming full length called "Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient". While that doesn't come out, prepare to be blasted to pieces with some serious fucking horror... Follow them here.

Alkerdeel "Morinde"

Some people believe, based on an ancient belief or prophecy, that in 2012, we will witness the end of the World. I really have some serious doubts about it since I'm a very skeptical guy. But one thing I'm not skeptical about is this, Alkerdeel's brand new full-lenght "Morinde". After the amazing 2010's "De Speenzalvinge" this belgian band became noted and taken seriously and soon the name Alkerdeel was on everybody's mouth. But after that impact, the band soon fell into oblivion again, and in this two year leap, the beast may have been asleep, but always with an eye wide open. 

"Morinde" presents the finest raw Sludge/Doom infused with filthy low fi Black Metal - the compositions have matured and gained more depth. The lo-fi approach of the previous albums made room for a more thoughtful recording process, making it sound perhaps more accessible but also allows the sound to reveal all its sluggish nuances. The Inferno of "Morinde" begins with "Winterteens" with its 13 minutes that will drag you into a world of pain and chaotic grief. The second track "Horsesaw", the shortest track with only 2 minutes, may be small but its poisonous. A total and brutal discharge of brutal Black Metal, like a pack of wolves tearing a poor sheep apart. Back to the sludge again with "Hessepikn", another short track, about 5 minutes, this track is much slower than the previous tracks, but like the others it has its own haunting personality. The vocals, in a spoken word way, tend to swirl between this mantle of noisy, low-fi sludge before it bursts into flames in this incendiary Black Metal track. Amazing. Finally the apotheotic end arrives with the colossal track "Du Levande", about 20 minutes, of pure low-fi Black/Sludge, an amazing track and the best way to close this awesome album. The best thing in this album is that you never guess what is coming next.. an eruption of Black brutality or a slow painful death into sludge quicksands? 

"Morinde" was one of the albums of 2012 i was very anxious to hear, and with it, seems that Alkerdeel have opened the door for the most striking albums of the year. Don't even think of letting this album pass you by. I bet the vinyl edition must sound twice as heavy. Buy it here. Highly Recommended.

sábado, 3 de março de 2012

Sick/Tired "Sick/Tired" EP

Sick/Tired have been around some some years, and in the meantime they have made a hand full of releases. This band features members of fastcore band Mk-Ultra, and one of my favorite hardcore bands,Weekend Nachos. Sick/Tired's sound takes influences from very different kind of heavy music: Crust, Hardcore, Punk, Grind, Sludge. And the final result is this shredding ultra-heavy-violent -fueled Hardcore. Brutal. This is their latest, you can buy it on vinyl here. Meanwhile, check them out.

Hoarders "Demo"

Hoarders are a hardcore/punk band from Brooklyn, delivering in this Demo, 4 tracks of filthy, dirty but energetic punk tracks. I quite enjoyed it, the track "Filthy Wet" is one of the best tracks in this Demo, it has all that classic punk components, a bass intro, the classic punk rock beat, a two note only based guitar, a catchy refrain and a frenzy solo near the end. Not bad at all. Let's fuck up the bar at the sound of the Hoarders.

Distant Wreck "Grief"

It's been a while since i've posted some Hardcore here on FRVR CRSD, so i think it's about time to post some quality hardcore in order to wash your ears from all of that Black and Death Metal i've been posting lately. This is a band i discovered last night while i was surfin' on Bandcamp, Distant Wreck, from Melbourne. Having joined many of the countries finest bands on stage (Carpathian, Miles Away, Break Even, Hopeless) as well as internationals Shai Hulud and Ruiner; Distant Wreck are now ready to make their presence known as a band who holds their own. They have just released "Grief". Described as a cross between the stripped back "less is more" approach of Have Heart with the dark and metallic tones of Cleveland inspired bands like Shipwreck A.D. Distant Wreck hold the ability to move in any direction they desire while maintaining their own sound. This is quite refreshing, specially after all that flood of "dark crust blackened hardcore" type bands. Fans of Carpathian, The Carrier and Go It Alone, should really get into this. The album is available for purchase here. Follow their activity here

sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2012

Doombringer "Sevenfold Pestilence" EP

About time for some Death Metal right? After two promising demo tapes, polish Death Metal maniacs Doombringer, return with new EP "Sevenfold Pestilence". In this one they deliver a more mature, but yet crushing, style of Death Metal compared to the demos, with a slight greek touch. Doombringer, which is a side project of Bestial Raids/Cultes des Ghoules members, bring unholy Death Metal Inferno at its best. You can buy it here or somewhere else.. just google it.

Aerugo "Demo - MMXII"

A big thanks to my blogger pal Nick from Blackened Slugs for showing me this next act. Aerugo is a raw Black Metal act from Indiana and this is, i believe, its first Demo. Introducing his own vision of emptiness and despair in two themes, "For Blood", an half ambient, half mid-to-fast-paced and extremely incisive Black Metal track and "Depths of Despondency", a more doom-ish layered track with lots of rust attached to it. And the voice, one of the highlights of this Demo, sounds like something... evil. Check it out.