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sábado, 10 de março de 2012

Lord Mantis "Pervertor"

One of the most expected albums for this year is "Pervertor" from Lord Mantis. This super group that features members of Nachtmystium and Indian created a black beast beauty with this. "Pervertor", with an amazing artwork by the great Justin Bartlett, introduces us 7 tracks in 46 minutes of some punishing blackened sludge. Charlie Fell’s voice in "Pervertor" it's just like thorns in our brain while we are consistently punished with mantodean riffs that will crawl up our spine and carve into our flesh. To be honest i was expecting something really heavy and dirty with this one, maybe it's me... I'm getting more and more demanding with music. It took a few listens for it to get under my skin but now it's there, and it just won't leave so soon. Buy it here. You know this is absolutely recommended here in the Haxan's cave.. now go listen Goddamn-it!

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  1. Really heavy shit. I didn't know this band and yet I'm wondering why nobody mixed black metal and sludge before.

  2. never heard about Celeste, Hierophant, This Gift Is A Curse, Demonic Death Judge, HKY, Sedna.
    uh, check new Rorcal song here also: