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segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2012

Ringing Bell "Hospital Corners"

Ok, here is a quickie one just to keep up the pace with all my blogger neighbors. I've been more busy than a hooker on a saturday night, i got some goodies and i hope to post them soon. And sorry for the lack of response to some emails, i'll give feedback soon.. promise. Meanwhile check this band out: Ringing Bell. The name might sound a little silly but after you hear it the first time, you will play it over and over again. There isn't much info about these guys (or guy) on the web, the only thing i know is that it hails from Denmark and it's brutal. Down-tuned, heavy-as-fuck, gloomy death metal with a guttural deep cavernous voice is what you will get on these 3 tracks on "Hospital Corners". Good stuff.

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