† And then the Curse swept the Earth

segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

Dunmharu "October"

Here is an interesting one man Black Metal band hailing from Ireland, Dunmharu. Just for curiosity, the word "dúnmharú" is an irish gaelic word that stands for "murder". And murder is exactly what "October" will make you feel. In 9 tracks, Dunmharu explores and shares his own vision of a cold, grim and cursed World. The sound is ruthlessly cruel, like crossing a maze made out of sharpened branches . The album starts with "Introduction" that leads my mind to travel to these dark woods, where drops of rain mixes with the blood of a cold dead body that lies on the floor, the ritual has begun. The sound is really raw and primitive and exhales malignancy in all of his seven forked tongues along "October". The voice has got to be one of the most wicked ones i've ever heard on a Black Metal album, it's loud and rasp as hell. These are some of the details that i enjoy the most on this release. If you dig, dark and raw Black Metal then this one is for you.

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