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terça-feira, 15 de Abril de 2014

Bleak Bulge "Bleak Bulge"

I know, I know... it's been a long time. To all out there who took your time to send an email or requesting stuff, I'm get into it in time. Don't worry.

Bleak Bulge are a dutch band coming from the beautiful city of Amsterdam. They play this cool blend of hardcore, punk with some slight, slight hints of black metal (maybe due to those harsh vocals.. maybe?) that I'm pretty sure it will please fans of bands like Hoax or Church Whip. If you're into these bands, wait no more. And if you really enjoy what you hear, please support these dudes by buying their tape (nice layout by the way). Check them out below.

terça-feira, 8 de Abril de 2014

Nadra "Eitur"

Naðra, one of the most recent acquisitions to the Icelandic black metal catalog. Raw, powerful and intense. Enjoy.

segunda-feira, 24 de Fevereiro de 2014

NOÛS "ἀηδής"

Today I bring you the latest release from NOÛS, an australian sludge doom metal band from Melbourne. I've been following this band since I first discovered them through the "Eobiont" EP back in 2012. Through all these years, NOÛS sound suffered some kind of a mutation and it turned a very ugly, filthy and evil beast. And a very fine example of that is this latest release "ἀηδής" (that I believe it means "sickening"). This title really fits the music played here. It's beyond slow, every instruments seem to be dragged through the most filthy gutters of doom metal. A 20 minute dose of the most nihilistic and repulsive doom you will ever hear. Not an easy listening for the standard sludge/doom listener but on the other hand I'm pretty sure it will please the hardcore faction of doom lovers that, like myself, love this kind of sound. If you seek comparisons, I can think of bands like Corrupted, Whitehorse or Wreck Of The Hesperus just to name a few.

It's a one minute track where, like I said, every instrument is dragged along the 20 minute that this track lasts. At some points, the riffs are sooo)))) stretched out that we fall into a more drone context. The vocals? What can you expect here? The vocals are simply abysmal. So guttural that almost make me shit my pants. This band is on a good track, only wish they keep up like this. This release is indeed sick, sick, sick. Support these boys. Doom on!

Highly Recommended!

quarta-feira, 12 de Fevereiro de 2014

Unru & Paramnesia "Split"

I must start this post by saying that I'm not a big collector when it comes to split releases, specially when it comes to two-track split releases. I'm willing to only spend money on it, as long as the two bands are fucking amazing. Well, in this new split release, we get two young and aspiring bands from Europe. German blackened crust act Unru and French atmospheric black metal band Paramnesia. We get one track from each one that together brings us almost half hour of music, ok. We get a remarkable artwork by the talented Business for Satan who also belongs to Paramnesia. Ok. You should know by now that these two bands are amazing and very talented. Both of them are bringing some freshness to the actual metal scene here in Europe, and this split release really proves that. 

Unru's side with "Die Welt in der wir sterben", really sets them apart from that blackened, harsh violent crust sound we heard in their (remarkable) Demo. This track has way more black metal in its core. The guitar starts by winding a few notes until the drums comes in thundering as the dismal vocals, in a very dramatic register, spew all of it's sadness. The guitar notes along this song really emphasize this somber mood even while behind the battery remains unstoppable in a row of furious blastbeats in the background. This amazing track ends with, what it seems to be, some kind of a spoken word, quote sample taken from a movie, layered with some loose guitar notes. 

Paramnesia's track, simply called "III" doesn't fall behind. It's a true black metal whirlwind. I would classify it as atmospheric black metal, although I feel in Paramnesia's sound clearly some classic influences coming from the Northern Europe but also some more contemporary influences coming maybe from the other side of the Ocean, some more "cascadian" type of influences. Nevertheless, Paramnesia's sound really stands out, making them one of the most interesting acts in the actual european black metal scene. The good thing on this track is that, it has 14 minutes length but it seems to last the double of time. The raging sections, filled with the most fierce black metal along with the most melancholic atmospheric parts, and the way the band bridges these two parts together, is just remarkable. Remarkable. And I specially love their sound and the vocals, those vocals... so cold and severe. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is indeed a split release you must not let pass you by. Great performance by both bands. In my opinion, this unholy alliance works really, really well together. Great split release. No more words needed, just get it. 

Highly Recommended.   

sexta-feira, 7 de Fevereiro de 2014

Dying Sun "Transcendence"

Dying Sun are a atmospheric sludge metal band formed initially in 2008. They started as a duo, inspired by acts like Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Wolves in the Throne Room and The Angelic Process. "Transcendence" is their third release and latest full-length. With 8 tracks totaling 50 minutes, "Transcendence" represents the continuing evolution and distillation of the band's blend of atmospheric doom, melodic riffing and electronic ambience. 

As the first track, "Generating The Sphere" begins, I really wasn't prepared for what came next. It feels like we are suddenly thrown into a huge storm right in the middle of the ocean where the riffs are the colossal and heavy waves that crushes us. During the almost 10 minutes that this track lasts, we are constantly thrown from one side to the other due to the whole magnitude of power that surrounds us. I must point out that the clever use of electronic ambience really enhances the whole epic feel we get in this opening track, that is clearly one of the best here.

With "The Night Sky" the deluge continues, as the vocals almost spew their lungs out in the midst of this thick atmosphere. But not all is chaotic and brutal, there are still moments where the band offers us quiet times with "Dead", "The Weight Of Time" and the acoustic "We Don't Belong Here". 

Dying Sun's sound is heavy yet melodic. Their sludgier facet isn't dirty enough like most bands in the genre, instead it is quite polished so I guess it crosses the border to a more "post-metal" territory. The influence of Neurosis is very clear but also, the whole dramatic, cinematic atmosphere presented here reminds me a lot of the band Eyes of Fire. But in Dying Sun's sound there is also a big slice of doom metal, although it's not that dark, mournful type of doom. Here we get a more dramatic, melancholic style of doom. And yet in the middle of this, they still manage to deliver great atmospheric sections within' some of the songs like "Generating The Sphere", "Dead" and the beautiful closing track "Transcendence (Leaving)"

"Transcendence" revealed to be a very eclectic album, all the tracks are different from each other but conceptually, they work very good as a whole. A very beautiful album that will offer you an amazing journey. Absolutely recommended. 

quinta-feira, 6 de Fevereiro de 2014

Host "Death Will Claim These Tired Bones"

Remember this band, Host, that I've talked about here on Forever Cursed back in 2012? Probably not. But it doesn't matter now. The story goes like this,  Host hit the studio to record what could have been their first full-length but due to personal circumstances the band was dismantled shortly thereafter.

So, one of the ex-members of Host, Gabriel, decided to put the tracks up on Bandcamp available for download so that people could hear the album. Now you may notice that this isn't a free/pay what you want download. And it's meant to be this way for a very special cause.

Ana, a close friend of theirs suffers from a pancreatitis liver failure, and she needs all the help she and her family can get in order to be able to pay some serious medical treatments (read more here). All the money coming from the purchase of this download will go straight to help Ana. Just think if it was something close to you, a friend or someone from your family. It really touches me when I see specially such young people facing this kind of trouble. Every donation will be deeply appreciated for sure. It's more than a good cause, it's to help someone to get a decent and good life. Spread the word out, help Ana. Besides the sad news, Host are a killer band and you definitely need this.

Limited vinyl release coming soon on Cricket Cemetery.

quarta-feira, 29 de Janeiro de 2014

Human Bodies "Demo MMXIII"

Human Bodies are a young band from Boston, Massachusetts, playing a caustic blend of punk and raw black metal. With this first Demo, simply called "Demo MMXIII", Human Bodies unleashes 4 furious and vicious slabs of some good raw black punk (by the way, people must get a new name for this genre fast!), having already a musical background while playing in some underground crust/punk/doom acts like Aspects of War, Negligence and Fórn is already an asset. So I guess they took all of their influences and created this beast. Soundwise, the Demo sounds great. I mean, it's raw... but still audible. It's not that wall of caustic noise that we usually get in most of bands preaching this genre. Keep in mind also that this was a DIY recording by the band, which I think they did a terrific job here. The tracks have a strong punk vibe within its core but they also seem to flow from crust and black metal at some points. To me it sounds almost if Cursed turned into a raw black metal band, because besides their sound being quite harsh, it also holds some melodic and catchy riff work. But falling into reality I guess that Human Bodies sound might fit in the same bag as bands like Witch In Her Tomb, Cape of Bats and other bands in the genre.

The result of that is that the Demo tape is already sold out but the good news is that there might be a repress in the works soon... so don't miss this chance to grab one copy. Negative aspects here? Well, the small amount of tracks, four only, having each one of them around two minutes length. But it's more than enough for you to get an idea of what will you have here. Really good stuff and look forward to hear more from this band. Check them out below and please check out the new track these guys have, it sounds quite different from their Demo, it's going to be a killer for sure.

terça-feira, 14 de Janeiro de 2014

Osraige "Osraige" Demo

Osraige, an underground raw black metal band from whom I know nothing about. There's not much information floating around on the web about this vile act. I've stumbled upon its name some while ago when I was searching for the Osraige/Indentured Cervix split. It seems also to be attached to a label called Strange Tales from what I don't know nothing about as well. So fuck it. Osraige plays this awesome raw, primitive and murky black metal that I'm pretty sure it will please all the fans of this genre. Featuring three tracks only, that flow from the most rabid and frenetic raw black metal to a more slow, mid-paced almost doomy black metal tempos. Really dig this Demo. The sound is great, it's audible and not that kind of raw black metal that seemed to be played in a cellar and recorded with a Toys R'Us tape recorder, and the tracks are really good as well. Check it out. 

segunda-feira, 30 de Dezembro de 2013

Best of 2013 - Part II: The Albums

And here we are, on the last part of what are my favorite releases of the year. Hope you guys checked and have enjoyed the other first two parts, the Best Demos/EPs and Best of Albums  Pt.I. Now, for this last part I've gathered some names that are probably more familiar to you. These are indeed the cream of the crop in my opinion. It's those kind of albums that are definitely a "must-have". Albums that, even with the amount of new music coming out, will always feels good to revisit from time to time. 

20. Wormlust "The Feral Wisdom"

Wormlust, one of Iceland's best kept secrets, saw this year his name on everybody's mouthes due to his first full-length "The Feral Wisdom". A cadavre exquis of hallucinogenic black metal that you just simply love or hate. Being a long time fan of the band I personally love the whole atmosphere of the album. Just look at the album artwork. It really reflects what you will find inside: A creative and innovative mixture of psychedelia, black metal with amazing and mesmerizing atmospheric parts that will take you on a authentic roller-coaster journey. Listen the whole album here.

19. Moon "The Nine Gates"

Australia's atmospheric black metal band Moon also delivered a very magical and beautiful album this year. "The Nine Gates"is a rather somber but mystical album, filled with great and enigmatic details. A dark trip into Miasmyr's mind. Beautiful.

18. Rorcal "Világvége"

One of Europe's best kept secrets are Rorcal, a band that has been around since 2006 or maybe earlier, I don't know, and still they don't get enough recognition out there. And that kinda pisses me off, because this band kills and deserves more eyes and ears upon them. Nevertheless, Rorcal have already a large cult of fans following their steps and this year we were gifted with the crushing album "Világvége". A demolishing fusion of sludge, black metal, post metal, post hardcore.. whatever. It's heavy as fuck. Damn right it deserves to be here. Listen to it here.

17. Aosoth "IV: Arrow In Heart "

One of my current favorite French black metal bands, Aosoth, who this year delivered another great milestone which strengthens even further their journey as one of the best BM bands coming from France. A must. Listen here.

16. Lycus "Tempest"


After a very well received Demo, Lycus delivered this year their first full-length and one of the best albums in the Doom category. Great songs carrying loads and loads of grief, despair and solitude. All wrapped in a great sound production. Amazing. Listen.

15. The Howling Wind "Vortex"

Here is an album that caught me by surprise. While I loved 2010's "Into the Cryosphere" I really didn't die of love for "Of Babalon" I thought it was missing something, those epic tracks that "Into the Cryosphere" has. But with "Vortex", that good old feeling came back. Great tracks filled with riffs that haunts my mind for days. Awesome work. Another good news is that "Vortex" is now available as CD, get it right here and listen to "Vortex" if you haven't, here.

14. Slidhr "Deluge"

Ireland is one of those countries that let's face it, that isn't the most famous when it comes time to name some acts within the black metal scene. But being few, doesn't mean that they're weak or mediocre... on the contrary. Slidhr finally put out his first full-length entitled "Deluge". It only took one listen to this album for me to stay completely addicted to it. What i really enjoy the most here, is the sound of this album. Starting from that bass, to the drum, passing by the guitars and ending on the vocals, it all culminates in a not-so-grim-sounding-but-quite-nefarious record. Superb. Check here.

13. Old Witch "Come Mourning Come"

Another pleasant surprise for the year is Old Witch. A two person band that simply created this wonderful piece straight out of nowhere. Introducing a great fusion of drone/doom and black metal, "Come Mourning Come" is a superb album, with great lyrics that will transport us to the most melancholic scenarios in the wild. I've heard that a physical album is taking place, let's hope soon. Listen to this beauty here.

12. Leucosis "Leucosis"

Making presence yet again in my personal list, are Leucosis. This year, the band brought another great album with some slight changes in their sound but further raising the bar when it comes to the quality of the tracks. Undoubtedly one of the best pearls from the underground. So glad I own a physical copy of this album. Listen here.

11. A Story of Rats "Vastness & the Inverse"

Another great album that struck me for weeks was A Story Of Rats "Vastness & the Inverse". I don't know if we can tag this as "metal", I mean... the atmosphere is really dense and heavy. It seems to hover over drone and doom territories at some points. Although if features two tracks, it's a very beautiful and transcendental album, starting from the music itself to the whole artwork created by ASOR member Garek J. Druss to whom I must thank for the copy I own of this remarkable piece. Turn off the light and light some candles. Listen to an excerpt here.

10. Usnea "Usnea"


Another outstanding debut was this self titled album by Portland's Usnea. Four amazing tracks of simple the best sludge/doom I've heard in quite some time. Where other bands that I personally love (cough.. cough.. Mouth Of The Architect.. cough..) failed to do this year, Usnea nailed it! Can't wait to hear more from this band. Listen here.

9. Paysage d'Hiver "Das Tor"

After a six year hiatus, "Das Tor" marks the return of Wintherr as Paysage d'Hiver. A one and a half hour of the most mesmerizing, cold and grim black metal being made. Every time I hear this it feels like I'm teleported to this dense forest in the middle of the mountains of Switzerland right in the middle of a blizzard. A masterpiece. Enough said.

8. Lychgate "Lychgate"

Undoubtedly, one of my favorites and probably most plays got here at the Haxan's den. Another remarkable debut coming out from one of the most amazing supergroups. Lychgate's debut is all about delivering great theatrical and enigmatic atmospheres with the most esoteric of black metal soundtracks. Awesome. Listen here.

7. Ataraxie "L'Être Et La Nausée"

Another remarkable album that has passed under the radar of may people out there is this one, Ataraxie's "L'Être et la Nausée". An amazing journey into grief, despair and madness. Strange how I don't see people mention this album more often it really deserves more ears upon it. A magnificent and outstanding work by the French band.

6. Carpe Noctem "In Terra Profugus"


"In Terra Profugus" is another amazing journey brought this year by Iceland's Carpe Noctem. I really don't know what they're taking up there in Iceland. This band took a giant leap in what they were doing and the result is this jaw-dropping, astonishing, brilliant album that pulled off so many great reviews along its path. Look forward to grab the vinyl edition next year. Listen to a track or buy the CD here.

5. Grave Miasma "Odori Sepulcrorum"

When I think of death metal, of real death metal, I think of guitars spewing putrid sounds, a drum echoing from the most deep of catacombs, a creepy bass that gives me goosebumps and a monstrous voice that seems to growl from a grave. All of this and even more can be found in Grave Miasma's "Odori Sepulcrorum". This, ladies and gentlemen, is death metal. So fucking good.

4. Portal "Vexovoid"

Portal, what's necessary to say about Portal that has not already been said? "Vexovoid" an album that introduced a new sound to the band that probably divided some long time fans, and maybe made them earn new ones. Nevertheless, this album still proves that these crazy aussies are still masters in their game. Another great milestone into their career. (re)Listen here.

3. Irkallian Oracle "Grave Ekstasis"

From Sweden comes another great gem, "Grave Ekstasis" from the mysterious band Irkallian Oracle. Intoxicating. Hallucinated. Entrancing. These are all words i can use to describe this fantastic debut. For those who didn't grabbed the tape, no worries... a vinyl release is on the works. Listen here.

2. Fyrnask "Eldir Nótt"

Do you know when, from time to time, you find one of those specific releases that overwhelm you in such a way that you can't find words to describe it? Well, Fyrnask's "Eldir Nótt" is one of those cases. I was absolutely overwhelmed when I heard the track that introduced this first album. Automatically pre-ordered it. My guts told me this was a masterpieces of the year, and when I finally got the (amazing) double LP, I wasn't wrong. If you still aren't familiar with this band or album I strongly recommend that you take care of that asap. One of the most beautiful albums of the year. Listen/Buy here.

1. Cultes des Ghoules "Henbane"

And finally, we're down to my number one. Cultes Des Ghoules toxic album "Henbane". Why? Well, first I really enjoy this album from beginning to the end, the whole atmosphere around it exhales black magic. Those intros that the band uses really enhance that theatrical environment to the album, an aspect that for me in this specific case works rather well. Then the sound, truth is that isn't the most grim and frostbitten black metal album out there but I guess because this album is on another level.. on a occult and esoteric levels. The whole performance of the musicians is just awesome and the vocals... ah.. the vocals. I don't know how he pulls out so many and creepy voices like that, almost if he's possessed by not one but dozens of evil spirits. "Henbane" is one of those unforgettable albums. A true vintage black magic metal and classical album... Hear it here.

- Download Part II of Forever Cursed's Best Albums of 2013 HERE

 That's it, hope you've enjoyed it. Let's wait and see and 2014 will bring. See you guys next year, wish you all a happy new year. All the best!


quinta-feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2013

Phobonoid "Orbita"

"Orbita", the remarkable debut of Phobonoid, a one man band coming from Italy. "Orbita" is a conceptual and cinematic journey about the end of the civilization on Mars, witnessed there by Phobos where he also meets his brother Deimos, on the already destroyed surface of Mars.

Just for curiosity, and for those who don't know, Phobos and Deimos are the two known moons of Mars who were baptized with the names taken from same gods from Greek mythology. Phobos is the God of Fear/Panic and Deimos, the God of Terror and Fear as well.

"Orbita" introduces a whole new and refreshing sound. Black metal like this doesn't come too often. Phobonoid's blends black metal and doom with industrial and electronic sounds that seem to come from outer space. Besides being mastered by Karl Daniel Liden (who have worked with Breach, Terra Tenebrosa, Switchblade, The Old Wind, etc.) everything else here on "Orbita" has been self-produced in Phobonoid’s home-studio. So this is really almost a DIY release by Phobonoid to whom I take my hat off.

Soundwise, "Orbita" sounds like if black space metal band Darkspace and industrial doomsters P.H.O.B.O.S (curiously this band has nothing to do with Phobonoid) were melted into one. The beats are clearly industrial as they are performed by a digital drum and the sound of the guitar brings the best of two worlds: black and doom metal. The voice whispers and hisses in the background, enhancing this dreary and menacing atmosphere.

It begins with the instrumental intro "Phobos" where this sound coming from nowhere, approaches at a very high speed, almost as if it's revealing something. Something huge and menacing. Thick riffs are slowly thrown as the marching beat announces the mighty and dreaded arrive of Phobos. Tracks like "ex", "Vuoto" and "Omega" takes us to some dense, unquiet and desolated black metal territories. The guitar has a very important role here, since it's the main instrument, the weapon of choice taken by Phobonoid. It feels like there's dozens of these guitar sounds all layered, entangled together. The result is this very powerful, buzzing, thick and menacing almost industrial sound. There are some tracks, like "Lo spettro di Deimos" that just like "Phobos" create these cinematic images in our minds where we can imagine the two dark moons over the desolated surface of Mars, spreading nothing but destruction, fear and chaos.

One of the key factors in "Orbita" is precisely this. The amazing capability of Phobonoid to embrace this concept and creating, through his music, these images, this cinematic journey in our heads. Taking us to a place we have never been (and never will), to be able to feel the horror of Phobos and Deimos. Every single song here is a chapter of this story. Amazing.

"Orbita" closes with two instrumental tracks, "Magnete" and the beautiful "Deimos", an amazing and epic instrumental. Filled with layers of these thick black metal spacial riffs, while a beautiful solo echoes in the background. Somehow it gives me feeling that this isn't the end, but the beginning of something.

With a total of 7 tracks, "Orbita" is an amazing 20 minute journey of terror and fear performed in the most darkest, deepest and cold outer space, leaving us begging for more.

This will be just the first part of the journey, as Man’s inner nature never changes: it’s a cycle that always ends up with its own self-destruction. 

Phobonoid's spacial opus "Orbita" will be soon available on CD through Dusktone Records and on tape from Eternal Warfare. You can stream it on Phobonoid's Bandcamp, just follow the link below. Highly Recommended.