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sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2015

Lost Hours "II"

Lost Hours are one of my most recent discoveries, I can't exactly recall how I found them and at this point it really doesn't matter. What I can recall is that when I see both "doom" and "drone" tags together, my inner alarm goes off and my attention is suddenly directed only to that particular release.

This EP features two tracks only that together, offers us a splendid, very well spent half hour. The title of the first song really caught my eye, "He Whose Limbs Shatter Mountains, Whose Back Scrapes the Sky". Just the name itself, sets the motto for something big... epic. It begins slowly with some shy notes opening way to what soon transforms into a fucking nightmare. It's like as if the floor cracks open below our feet and we fall endlessly, deep down into the abyss. The vocals are quite punishing, creating in the listener the feeling of impotence as the black cloud of despair forms right above our heads. Thick and twisted riffs are roughly hewn along the 18 minutes. 

The second half of this, "S. A. A." is basically an almost 14 minute, drone, atmospheric track whose sound seems quite concealed in a very cinematic type of record. This is a very interesting release and I just look forward to hear more of Lost Hours. 

If you're into heavy, punishing misanthropic doom, then jump right in. Tape version unfortunately sold out at this point. Highly recommended. 

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