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sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2015

Infernal Slave "Oppressed By Inferior"

Another band that I haven't been able to let go since the day I found out about them, are Infernal Slave (formerly know as the underground raw black metal act Abnutivum) with their amazing 2013's debut "Oppressed By Inferior". Infernal Slave's demented raw black metal is just something that surpasses me. i mean... I'm a sucker for this raw and filthy type of recording. It's absolutely mental. That drum sound that quite doesn't sound like a drum at all, instead it sounds like some demented freak hitting on some plastic buckets. The harsh vocals that exhales the rotten stench of violent death on every word seems to fit like a glove on this recording. This is the absolute soundtrack for any serial filthy hooker slasher type of killer out there. This will drive you insane. I must warn you that isn't quite suitable for the most "mainstream" black metal listener. If you're into polished and standard kind black metal featured on those most common webzine$ out there, please get the fuck out. The filthier, the better.

 Many thanks for Terminal Escape blog for this underground gem.

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