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quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2014

Forever Cursed Best Of 2014 - The Haxan's Choices

Here we are again.

Personally, it was just another fucking year, just like the last 4 or 5 last years. Time seems to fly. As a matter of fact, it flies so fast that I barely have time to slow down, and look back.. well, some things aren't worth looking back, so... 2014 was all about work, dedicate time to family, friends, buying new music and just enjoying it and most of all, always learning. Music has always been there for me, in good and bad times. It's that safe harbor where I go so many times to be in total solitude and just let my spirit feast with all that magic essence that pours down through every note. I've learned so much through music, whether it's metal or not. Along the years it has also molded me into what I am today, my personal tastes and character.

And once again 2014 proved to be a great year, at least... in the field of heavy music, although so many good albums were also released in another fields of music. Did I enjoyed YOB? Yes I did! Did I liked the new Blut Aus Nord? At first I was a bit sceptic with the sound of it, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me, so yes. Did I loved Sinmara? Oh fuck yes! You know what I feel about Icelandic black metal and this band is no exception. The releases I'm about t show you are mostly releases that I've been emerged into mostly this year, so I hope to help you find some new and interesting music that may grab and sweep you from your shoes as well.

I had to make a Top 21, it may sound silly, but I wasn't expecting one of these specific releases would come out so soon. I was counting for it only in the beginning of next year, but since I've heard it in advance... it immediately climbed its own way to the top and I really didn't want to cut out one of the releases I already had figured for my own personal Top. Enjoy.


Towers "II"
Towers are a Portland duo whose demolishing sound basically consists on just a bass and drum. And the apocalyptic visions they can cause with just that, is absolutely crushing. I really loved the whole sound of this album. The whole depth and atmosphere. Killer. 


Profetus "As All Seasons Die"
Profetus from Finland return with a majestic tribute to the real funeral doom sound. Crushingly heavy, an authentic mournful ode to sadness, grief and pain. Perfect to hear in those cold Winter days in total solitude. 


Wrekmeister Harmonies "Then It All Came Down"
One of the most emotionally crushing releases of this year, "Then It All Came Down" features J.R. Robinson joined by members of Indian, Corrections House, Twilight, Yakuza, Anatomy of Habit, Come, Mind Over Mirrors, Bloodiest, as well as Wrest (Leviathan) and Ryley Walker. With such collaboration the result is at sight: an amazing introspective journey into our soul.


11 Paranoias "Stealing Fire from Heaven"
New supergroup featuring members from Ramesses, Bong and Satan's Wrath. "Stealing Fire from Heaven" gathers the right amount of psychedelic doom I just need to hear sometimes. A very smokey and trippy journey indeed with the right dose of heaviness imbued.


Harassor "Into Unknown Depths"
"Into Unknown Depths" marks the return of blood thirsty barbarians Harassor. The vicious blend of black metal, punk, death metal is just fucking killer. You won't get two songs alike in this album which proves the heterogeneity and the ability of Harassor to shift the direction of the songs without never losing fucking control. Fucking killer I said!!


Nuclearhammer "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer"
Probably one of the most underrated blackened death metal that came out this year. Canada's Nuclearhammer really hits the nail on this. You just need to look into that artwork to realize that this album will bring total bestial and cosmic devastation.



Nux Vomica "Nux Vomica"
Another one straight out of Portland. Nux Vomica perfect blend of post metal, crust, doom results in the most amazing atmosphere. To prove that, "Reeling" is simply one of the best tracks I've heard this year. Epic.



Sun Worship "Elder Giants"
I've been following the moves of Germany's Sun Worship since day one, and so far they haven't disappointed me. 2014 is marked by their full-length "Elder Giants" a brilliant, passionate and relentless album that sweeps me away every time I play it. Brilliant.



Kriegsmaschine "Enemy of Man"
Another great album that passed under the radar of many. Kriegsmaschine "Enemy Of Man", one of the most brilliant black metal albums that came out this year. If you love the dissonant atmospheres of bands like Deathspell Omega or the cold atmopshere of Mgla (who shares a member in this band, in case you didn't know) I strongly recommend you "Enemy Of Man". Perfect.



Laster "De Verste Verte Is Hier"
After a very well received Demo, Dutch black metal band Laster return with a brilliant album that provides perfect freezing cold atmosphere, perfect for those cold and rainy Winter days. I really love the passion that is behind every riff, every blastbeat and the vocals that just slay me.



Walk Through Fire "Hope Is Misery"
Desolation. Despair. Depression. These are all words that come to my mind whenever I hear "Hope Is Misery". Many of you out there aren't familiar with this band from Sweden. Their minimalist approach to their sludge doom is just one one of the most heavy I've heard this year. I'm a sucker for this kind of sound and "Hope Is Misery" proved to be a very unpleasant (in a very sadistic way) company.



Spectral Lore "III"
We all know that, when it comes to black metal, Greece hides many secrets. One of them is precisely Spectral Lore. Don't know why I don't see this name floating more around. "III" quickly grew on me and proved to be one fantastic journey into the realms of atmospheric black metal. The fury of those blastbeats that walk hand in hand with some beautiful melodies. A very beautiful album that, if you don't know yet, then you must discover.



Funereal Presence "The Archer Takes Aim"
One of the most played here on the Haxan's den. Funereal Presence "The Archer Takes Aim", an album with a very unique and distinctive atmosphere, brought to us by the mind of Negative Plane's Bestial Devotion. It's one of those albums I will never grow tired of hearing. Excellent.



Skáphe "Skáphe"
One of this year's surprise, brought by the hand of Fallen Empire. Skáphe, a mysterious band involved in a very dense and intoxicating mist, handing us a sample of a very original black metal filled with claustrophobic atmospheres. Addictive.



Funerary "Starless Aeon"
"Starless Aeon", the debut album of Funerary. I was amazed by this debut, Funerary's funeral doom approach is quite memorable and I just get the riffs of "Beneath The Black Veil" stuck in my head for hours. This track is just remarkably beautiful and it strikes me on the inside like no other. "Starless Aeon" is a very emotional, mournful and introspective journey into the cosmic valley of doom.



Thantifaxath "Sacred White Noise"
The artwork doesn't reveal much on what is the story here. But as soon as we fall into the downward spiral of "Sacred White Noise" we soon realize that we're pulled into a maze of twisted riffs that don't obey any conventional black metal guideline. It's just Thantifaxath doing the best they can do. And it's just amazing.



Swallowed "Lunarterial"
It only took one audition to this album to realize that I was in front of my favorite death metal album for 2014. It took a while to get here but finally did. Finland's Swallowed unleash the most lunatic and deranged death metal I've heard. Like a crossbreed between Teitanblood and Cultes Des Ghoules. Can you imagine that? The result is at sight: "Lunarterial". Fucking Awesome.



Rotting Sky "Sedation"
Rotting Sky is a side project from Tim Messing from Nux Vomica. As Rotting Sky, Tim brings us an excellent formula that mixes black metal, doom with drone, noisy atmospheres. "Sedation" is simply hypnotic and I just want to listen to it in repeat forever.



Fórn "The Departure of Consciousness"
With was with great pleasure that I was aware the Fórn were going to release their first full-length this year. I really loved their EP (featured here last year) and I was looking forward to hear "The Departure of Consciousness". All my expectations were exceeded when I finally heard the full album. Crushing, devastating and beautiful harmonies from these young doomsters. Just fucking stellar.



Thou "Heathen"
Well.. it's fucking Thou! What else is to be said about one of the most heavy bands to walk this Earth nowadays. A very ambitious album that proved to us that this band has no match. I really how this album brings back that initial Thou sound and song structure mixed with their most recent material. Excellent.



Sonance "Blackflower"
Finally, the cherry on top of the cake. An album that caught me by surprise and just climbed its way all by himself to my heart. I really loved what Sonance had brought with "Like Ghosts" but to me, "Blackflower" has just raised the bar. Slightly different from their previous but still you get it's Sonance. The whole melody that evolves us and leads us into the most catastrophic of scenarios is just heartbreaking. With "Blackflower", Sonance have accomplished something that is very rare nowadays. Try to figure what that is.


Besides these releases, I've been a lot this year into a lot of stuff, but I feel I must enhance Northward "IJsgang", sadly the last breath of this great band. Australia's Total Control with "Typical System", a very great record that successfully pulls that early 80's punk spirit and blends it with the most contemporary post punk as well, an album filled with great and eclectic songs. Vaniish "Memory Work", probably the best post-punk album that came out this year. Brilliant. Vorde "Vorde", another Fallen Empire release, saw many folks complaining about the vocals on this one, but I think it totally gives a different aura to Vorde's black metal sound. An album that intrigued me a lot at first, but the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me.

That was it for now. Wish you all the best. Let's raise our chalices up high and wish for a better year of MMXV. Hail! 


sábado, 6 de dezembro de 2014


If with their debut album these blokes from Bristol totally blew my mind, now with their new album "BLACKFLOWER", Sonance have totally devastated me, inside and out. Saying that this album is "Wooa... Fucking Beautiful!!" doesn't make it justice... "BLACKFLOWER" It's pure fucking amazing. Sonance have raised their bar and released, all by themselves, a fantastic album.

More words about this fantastic new album coming soon here on Forever Cursed.

Until then, do yourselves a huge favor and listen to this album immediately. Spread it out. Now!