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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

Update: Maranatha "Incarnate" EP

Just a quick update.

Remember that Maranatha post i put here on FRVRCRSD some time ago? Well it seems that it was only two tracks, from a total of seven from the "Incarnate" EP. This is just a quick update to let you guys know that it's finally out! Hell yes!! Please keep in mind that limit of free downloads on the Bandcamp's artist and feel free to use the Mediafire link. Highly Recommended and Death to False Heaviness!

Click here to go to the Maranatha post.

Morgirion "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise"

Holy shit... now this is too good to be true. Such a great album for free? You gotta be kidding me... No, this is real.

Hailing from Connecticut, comes Morgirion with their full-length "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise" released this February. At first my attention was really caught by the artwork, I'm a sucker for dark esoteric, skeletons, black and white shit. The album starts with an intro, or better, a Prologue, like my friend Nick from the great Blackened Slugs said, sounds like a band of orcs are about to attack me. It's really hard to decipher in our head an image of what is really is going on. I can imagine some weird scenarios but you don't really want to know what goes into my fucked up mind. The thing is that this intro can really pull your leg. But don't be a fool and press "Stop", because when the gates of Hell open with "Purification Through Fire" we soon realize that this is no joke. Oh, no.. it's a fucking nightmare coming to life. Darkness falls and embraces our World, while fire starts to emerge from the cracks on the floor. Chaos breaks loose right before your eyes. The sound in "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise" is not awesome, it's perfect. Every instrument is perfectly audible creating this thick and harmful wall of sound. When i think that nothing in this genre can at this point surprise me, here comes another outstanding act jumping straight out of the shadow of the Dark Lord's cloak.

Morgirion sound shows a band that could be easily mistaken for some band coming out of the freezing scandinavian mountains. It really shows some scandinavian influences, that i almost dare to say that bands such as the classic Emperor, or even, from the french Black Metal scene, Deathspell Omega, were or are, clearly a strong influence in Morgirion sound. Or maybe i'm totally wrong and these guys are creating something of their own. Something beautiful, mystical and unique. Their own chimera. Really. I am stoked on this one. A band that demonstrates great creativity in song-building/writing, a powerful cosmic sound that will suck you into this blasphemous esoteric void that is "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise". Like i said earlier, the band is giving this superb album for free. But the least you could do is contact them here, and order a physical copy. I know i will... Enjoy the rot. Highly Recommended!

segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

Mollusk "Mollusk" Review

Now here is a band that i already had stumbled upon Bandcamp, but since i received an email requesting a review some time ago, and since i enjoyed what i heard, i thought i might just spread the word. So i might just warn you that there's no free download here. But if you're into enrich your musical culture and listen to some sludge goodness, keep on reading..

Mollusk are a rocking sludge quartet from Cincinnati / Pittsburgh and they have released last year this self-titled album with 9 sludge muscled tracks. At a first audition the structure and the sound of the songs, brought immediately to my mind the sludge band Black Cobra, it's almost impossible not to notice that, except the sound that Mollusk create is not that fuzzy. Their sound is more "controlled", think of something like Sweet Cobra. The album kicks in with an "intro" that sounds like nothing more than a warm-up for what we're about to witness. Suddenly a dam breaks and a flood of sludge follows with "Endless Mountains". From there on it's about 25 minutes of fat riffs, ambient interludes and insane drumming. One of the negative aspects of this album is that is too short, the amount of interludes i think is excessive. The songs are quite good and they left me begging for more of that rock/sludge/metal goodness. Besides digital (only for $3) The album is available on tape, and i bet that it will make it sound twice as heavy on your cassette player, so if you're interested, you can grab a copy here.

domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

Ill Omen "Divinity Through Un-creation"

After that Temple Nightside post, i found out that one of the members had this very interesting Black Metal project called Ill Omen. And judging from what i heard from the previews, i soon realized that something evil was soon to be unleashed upon this Earth. And here it is, after several Demos, the first full-length "Divinity Through Un-creation". Ushering 9 psalms of obscure, un-earthly doctrine to conjure infinite sorrow's upon the earth, "Divinity Through Un-creation" draws us a world of a haunted and mystic parallel dimension to our world, the Scandinavian influence is more than obvious in this record, Ill Omen creates this awesome deep knife-cutting atmosphere in each track, causing us visions of haunted and surreal decayed landscapes. The Australian Black Metal scene keeps on surprising us, showing that, once in a while, they can pull from Darkness great albums, like this one from Ill Omen. Truly a must hear/own album for fans of true nefarious Black Metal. You can order this here

sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2012

Undergang "Til Døden os Skiller"

Well what do you know? This one caught me by surprise... Brand new Undergang killer full-length. "Til Døden os Skiller" shares the same title and tracks from the 2011 Demo "T.D.O.S", but in this full-length, as expected, the sound is more accurate. If you're into Death Metal you might know the name Undergang by now, simply one of the best and brutal Old School Death Metal bands around. Meanwhile these boys have also a split out with Funebrarum, seems like i'm missing a couple of good releases out there, that's almost an impossible task due to the lack of time that has taken over my life this month. While everyone is getting a boner out of that new Asphyx I'm totally into this.

sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012

Wyqm "Wyqm"

Wyqm is a mysterious one man project Black Metal band certainly inspired by some of the best USBM acts like Bone Awl, Xasthur, Leviathan, and probably many others. This was his first debut, presenting 6 songs in 35 minutes of hatred, blasphemy, agony and aggression. Total dark and gloomy Black Metal is what you'll hear in this piece. You can grab this on wax here.

Anguish "Through the Archdemon's Head"

What the fuck... an impaled fox head, in front of a cabin lost in the middle of nowhere? That has got to be one of the worst artworks i've ever seen. 

This cover might scare many trve tough metal-heads away, but from i know from Anguish, i really had to listen to this. Born in 2007, Sweden's Anguish have been lying in the shadows preparing for their first deathly blow. A follow-up to their 2010 demo "Dawn of Doom", "Through the Archdemon's Head" is a 56-minute monolithic masterpiece that may leave some questioning the fact that this is their first full-length recording. Riff after crushing riff combine with tortured vocals to bring you what surely will be one of doom metal's finest releases of 2012. Slow classic Doom metal with a voice that sounds like Mille Petrozza from Kreator, really, really drunk. The songs on "Through the Archdemon's Head" are long, lazily slow. Every track marches toward some sort of climax, and these climaxes are all the more effective for the long hard road to them. And a hard road it is: The somber melodies that thread their way through the album offer naught but false comfort, because Anguish keeps the doomhammer close to hand and with it strikes crushing blows. Anguish cannot seem to go more than two bars without bringing a massive chord down upon your unfortunate skull. This ain't no "Sorrow And Extinction" but still is a great Classic Old School Doom album for this year. You can get this at Dark Descent store here.

quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

Wormlust "Svarthol" & "The Opium Sleep"

Another fantastic pieces from the defunct but always wonderful icelandic corpse, Wormlust. I've talked about this band previously here on FxC, you can check it out here and here. If you're into high quality Black Metal i totally recommend this band to you. The atmosphere created by Wormlust is just mind blowing, almost transcendental. Simply the best material in this genre i've ever heard in my life. So, in order to complete Wormlust's discography i bring you today its final breath, "Svarthol" from 2010 and "The Opium Sleep" from last year. Sadly, there's only one track to each Demo. "Svarthol" is a fabulous 16 minute track of the most brilliant atmospheric Black Metal, the sound production is very good and after hearing the whole piece it just makes me mad that a band like this had to end... why?? I curse you H.V Lyngdal, from the day you came out of your mother's womb. Why did you had to make such brilliant music as Wormlust and then left us, wandering blinded in the dark by your magnificent hymns in this dying world of illusion? Guess we will never know the answer. "The Opium Sleep" is strictly an ambient/instrumental track, clearly the last expiring breath of air coming out from Wormlust. It's the perfect soundtrack if you were the last person left alone on this cursed land. They say every genius has touch of madness. But don't we all? Highly Recommended.

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

Pyre "Ravenous Disease"

This unholy strike of Death Metal focusing on bringing traditional and raw sound was formed in St. Petersburg, Russia in early may of 2011. And so far have released this cool 12"MLP, entitled "Ravenous Disease". Pyre delivers in just 4 tracks, this cool old school thrashy death metal style that will make your head spin like a fuckin' tornado. It will be soon available in the Blood Harvest store here. Now get into it... urgh!!

terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

Arch Daeva "Illuminates Of Thanateros"

It's 2 a.m here and i'm still working on this freelance work, drawing some shit. At this point, after being in front of a monitor since 9h30 am, i just can't think straight. But while shuffling on my iTunes i ran into this fantastic Demo from this awesome Greek Black Metal band, Arch Daeva. This is their Demo, called "Illuminates Of Thanateros". The illuminates of Thanateros, in real life, are nonetheless than an international organization focused on chaos magic. Now that we have a concept here, let's see about the rest. The ritual starts with "Illuminates of Thanateros", that features almost 3 minutes of occult moans and whispers as an intro, before the guitar kicks in with this killer riff. The drum range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with some blast beats being thrown in, the voice has this echo effect that creates this deep and more occult aura to the songs. The songs are rather catchy, even for this genre, but if you're in into this primitive, raw and occvlt Black Metal, i tell you to check this band immediately. Killer stuff.

segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Addaura "Burning for the Ancient"

A very interesting release this "Burning for the Ancient" by Seattle's Black Metal band Addaura. With only 4 tracks, "Burning for the Ancient", shows us a band that delivers some honest and passionate Black Metal straight from their guts. This one is more WITTR influenced than the material i've heard from their 2010's Demo, described as "Cascadian Black Metal", Addaura's interpretation of Black Metal is indeed more atmospheric. With songs that pass the 10 minute mark each, Addaura delivers some very good material and "Burning for the Ancient" is without shadow of doubt a great album that you must check out. I believe the band is preparing to launch it vinyl soon, just follow their steps here. Recommended!

Fister "Violence"

New EP from St. Louis sludge/doom trio Fister. Featuring 5 tracks, "Violence" has a more dense and heavy atmosphere than the bands previous efforts. Judging by the title of the songs, they all seem to be connected to this main theme, violence. And Fister proves that you don't have to play lightning fast to prove that you're violent. They just play slow and crushing heavy, giving to their own conceptual version of violence, a more psychologic than physical meaning. So this EP is meant to play without any interruption between the tracks. It's really awesome, i was really hooked on it since the first audition. The atmosphere is great, everything, from the instruments to the voice, sound really good. Try it for yourself. Recommended for fans of Zoroaster, Ocean (please do not confuse this with the post metal band The Ocean), Eibon and Nootgrush. The band was kind enough to offer this great EP for free at their Bandcamp. I think there will be a physical version of this soon, so keep yourself updated to what the band is doing here and buy some stuff from them here.

domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Plague Widow "Plague Widow" EP

Nothing better than starting your sunday morning with some of the best new Death Metal that is being made across seas. Besides that, some of my blogger buds have already done their duty on spreading the word and now it's my time, although this one is too good to pass it by. Plague Widow are a very promising new Death Metal/Grind band hailing from Sacramento, California, and they play this awesome, blasting, bone crushing Death/Grind. It's like a crossbreed between Wormed and Portal and add that chaotic blasts from bands like Robinson or Rotten Sound, and the result is this. A vile, heavy-as-fuck, EP. The EP features 9 tracks, including an intro, some scary interludes and an outro, the songs are pure blasting voids of the best Death/Grind i've heard, and the sound of it is just awesome, that drum doesn't even sound human, it's sick. Can't wait for a full length coming out of these guys. No download for you guys this time. Go straight to the band's Bandcamp and buy this awesome EP, c'mon... it's cheaper than a caramel machiato at Starbucks and it's totally worth it, besides you are supporting these guys. You can also get a physical copy of the EP here and some more goodies here. Be sure to follow them also on Facebook here, in order to stay updated on what the band is doing. Absolutely recommended. 

sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2012

Temple Nightside "Prophecies of Malevolence"

Here is some dark, ritualistic Black/Death Metal straight from the depths of the australian underground. "Prophecies of Malevolence" EP is the first release of the mephistophelian duo Temple Nightside. Basically it's a side project from two members of Nazxul, but they also hold on their repertoire other devilish acts from the aussie underground scene. With "Prophecies of Malevolence", Temple Nightside, takes us into a fall to the darkest pits of Hell. Layered with some dark ritualistic interludes, the instruments seem distant, as if they are distributed in several places, each one farther than the other, i'm talking about the drumming and guitar, that expel this really obscure and satanic nihilistic vortex of sound. The voice kinda reminds me of the most spine-chilling whispers from Portal's Curator. In general, it's a good start for Temple Nightside and it just leaves me begging for more. The last thing you will recall, before embracing  total darkness, will be the suffocating sulfurous vapors. Behold this offering to the mighty Lord ov Darkness. Recommended for fans of Witchrist, Impetuous Rituals, Void Meditation Cult, Diocletian, etc. You can buy "Prophecies of Malevolence" here or here.

Monarch "Omens"

Here is the first advance for brand new Monarch album, "Omens". Monarch has got to be one of the most heavy and punishing doom bands hailing from Europe. Leaded by the gorgeous Emilie Bresson, no one could ever imagine that behind that pretty face hides one of the most tortured and hideous (read that as in a good way) voice of the doom scene. Featuring now Dark Castle drummer Rob Shaffer, "Omens" is based on three tracks only, which culminates in about 30 minutes of dark ritualistic atmosphere. But unlike their previous efforts, "Omens" pushes over that boundary of those long feedbacks riffs layered with screaming vocals where a lung, or both, are about to collapse. Not that the tortured screams and shrieks are gone, no, they are still there but in another dimension of true horror. It will be out on the 28th of this month so be sure to grab a copy here. Now, turn off the light, light up a candle, put "Omens" on and worship the Goat.

quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

The Rain In Endless Fall "Weald of Introspection"

Here's another stunning release by Fallen Empire. Another very promising Black Metal act, The Rain In Endless Fall. Another project coming from Blut Der Nacht. Guess these guys were struck by inspiration and created two amazing projects in one row, first Wylve now The Rain In Endless Fall. Although coming from the same source, both bands have differences. While Wylve are more harsh and violent, The Rain In Endless Fall with their "Weald of Introspection" cassette are more atmospheric and depressing, but not too depressing... that "depression" is enhanced by the sound of thunders and rain. I really enjoyed this one as well, great stuff. And i fuckin' love that logo man. This tape is also sold out and a repress will come soon at FE, so if you want to grab a piece of this beauty, keep an eye on them.. Highly Recommended.

Wylve "Wylve"

Featuring members from BM act Blut Der Nacht, from whom i've talked some weeks ago here, Wylve brings us with their self titled cassette, two tracks of harsh and blistering black metal that at times, manages to capture a brilliant atmosphere while still remaining relentless. This is great material, the only negative aspect i can point at this cassette is its length. It features only two tracks. It made me just listen to it over and over again. This band demonstrates great potential and if they keep it up like this or push it even further, i don't even want to imagine.. Released by Fallen Empire, this self titled tape by Wylve is currently sold out, there was only 33 copies made, but there will be a repress of it soon... so stay close in order to grab a copy. Highly Recommended.

terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Pallbearer "Sorrow And Extinction"

Hell yes! One of the most anticipated albums i wanted to hear this year. The full-length of doomsters Pallbearer. After a very well received Demo that generated a huge buzz within the doom scene, they quickly gain a solid reputation, and now have released their first full-length "Sorrow And Extinction".
"By encompassing the more traditional metal style of doom, Pallbearer's sound takes cue from such legendary doom metal bands as Candlemass and Trouble along with a classy ‘70s prog vibe and even an inkling of influence taken from “Gothic”/old school Paradise Lost that finds its way into the band’s epic yet sorrowful odes. Through powerful melodies, epic and somber passages of gloom, and with the stand out soaring vocals from vocalist Brett Campbell (who also made a guest appearance on the Loss song ‘Silent And Completely Overcome’ from their “Despond” masterpiece), Pallbearer's debut album will not only be hailed as 2012’s traditional doom metal triumph, but it shall immediately herald the four-piece right into the doom metal echelons as one of America’s mightiest exports within the genre."
The first song "Foreigner" that starts in a slow, acoustic notes soon overwhelms our senses and rolls into an epic intro with outstanding guitar solo. And the voice of Brett Campbell has got to be one of the most awesome voices in this new classic doom generation. Beautiful. With "Sorrow And Extinction", Pallbearer keep the torch of well made classic doom burningBeing released this month through Profound Lore Records you can buy it here. Now it's time to worship the Dark Lord...

Hellige "Demo"

Now this was a nice surprise. Hellige is a one-man Sludge/Doom/Black Metal project from Argentina, formed in 2010. At its beginning, it started as raw black metal recordings but as time passed by, it turned into what it is now. I was introduced to Hellige with the self titled Demo from 2010, from there the only thing i remembered was this kind of weird, experimental Black Metal. But this 2012 Demo sounds a lot different, and better. It introduces a more broader sound and atmosphere, where these cavernous riffs rise from the floor to the skies. A more dense and doom-ish sound which i like a lot. The core is still Black Metal or maybe the fusion of both, Doom and Black, it doesn't really matter, the thing that matters is that this chimera has evolved into something more creepier... You can get this great Demo for FREE at the artist Bandcamp. And don't forget to follow his work here.

segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

Abazagorath "Abazagorath" EP

New EP from New Jersey's Black Metal veterans Abazagorath, delivering 5 tracks of excellent influenced Scandinavian BM, very well executed and refined with a thick, super heavy production. Raging blasts, melodic, sinister riffs, superb vocals, varying, smart song-writing and an intense atmosphere culminating into a trvly fucking amazing soundtrack to their march of hate upon mankind.

Witch In Her Tomb "Witch In Her Tomb"

Great Raw Black Metal from Illinois. The tape is currently sold out on Crippled Sound Records, so you can only get this for free on their Bandcamp or below. Vicious stuff.

sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

VA "Primitive North America"

Now here's a kvlt-as-fuck mixtape. "Primitive North America" is a homage to "Primitive Finland" and it features some of the most horrible and unlistenable Black/Punk/Noise/Metal from the U.S. You get Bone Awl, Grinning Death’s Head, Arts, Horrid Cross, Ash Pool and many more... i just put this up here because there's a band called Haxan. All the songs have been ripped from cassettes, so if you don't know the relation between a cassette and a Bic pen, fvck you.

Ignifer "Le Jardin des Supplices"

Picture yourself in a beautiful and vernal garden, dwelling around its maze with all your senses drunken by the scent and colorful palette from all the flowers, but suddenly something awakens you from that dreamy reality, screams... of pain. You walk towards that sound.. a moan. And when you look through the bushes you finally see the twisted horror that was hidden in such a beautiful place, several bodies being tortured as rivers of blood, inflicted from the wounds, flow through the floor towards the flowers in the garden.

This is basically the vision i get as i hear "Le Jardin des Supplices", the debut EP by atmospheric Black Metal Band, Ignifer. As some of you might recognize the name, "Le Jardin des Supplices", means "The Torture Garden" and that is nonetheless than a classic work of literature from Octave Mirbeau. Described as "the most sickening work of art of the nineteenth century," Mirbeau's classic novel follows a young man's journey to the ends of desire and depravity in a garden in China where torture is practiced as a work of art. And being a conceptual, or more as an homage, to Mirbeau's classic,  Ignifer really do justice to Mirbeau's work by transmitting that sick and twisted feeling, leaving the listener really uncomfortable at some points due to that agonizing voice from vocalist Déhà. The sound of Ignifer is a more low distortion, sorrowful and atmospheric Black Metal, the sound is really, really deep, the real wild-card here is in the voice, it's really special, it almost matches B. from Bosse-de -Nage. "Le Jardin des Supplices" is a really interesting piece of work that i totally recommend. Enter this secret garden and just follow the trail of blood...

I want to thank LRNT from Ignifer from introducing me to this. Merci mon ami!

quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012

Draug "Draug"

Nothing better than some vile, disgusting and putrefied Death Metal to warm you up in this cold afternoon. Great downtuned old school death metal with many grinding parts, reminding the British masters of deathly grindcore (think of old Carcass), with strings hanging down to the floor just like the Finnish way and growls from the deepest bowels of the darkest abyss. Draug is Jared Moran (according do Metal-Archives) who has more projects than i have Death Metal tshirts. This tape, available from Plague Tapes, just crushes all my internal organs, smashes my face and skins me alive, that's basically it. Fans of Antediluvian, Ritual Necromancy and of all that barbaric and twisted low profiled Death Metal, must check this asap. And be sure to check Plague Tapes, they have some sick and killer tapes there.

quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Evil Bebos "The Stranger"

Evil Bebos are one of my latest discoveries and i've been listening closely to this album, "The Stranger", all of this morning. And I'm really enjoying it. The atmospheric sludge with those post rock strokes are just so wonderful. The sonic and dreamy landscapes that they draw, just makes my mind float to places very far away, to other surreal worlds. According to their bio, Evil Bebos have shared stage with great names as U.S. Christmas, Rwake, The Atlas Moth, Black Cobra, Battlefields, Tides, Ocoai, Generation of Vipers, Bongripper, Psilocin, Irepress, Across Tundras, and many, many more. These boys aren't rookies, no sir. The passion and dedication is felt on every note that comes out of "The Stranger". This release is quite good, not only musically speaking but as in physical format, the Limited Digipack seems very interesting too. So if you like what you hear, be sure to grab it here. I surrender to Evil Bebos sound. Highly Recommended. For fans of Mouth Of The Architect, Giant, Destroy Judas, Battlefields.

Skinfather, The Hunger & They Are All Dead

In for more of that dark hardcore? Yes? Ok, let's go.

From Orange County, California, come Skinfather. This quintet delivers 5 tracks of the most evil and furious hardcore, each tracks weights like a fuckin' ton and leads us into the realms of that abyss where the most vicious hardcore lies hidden. It reminds me a lot of Integrity but with more elaborated passages or a slower, sludgiers version of All Out War. So i guess that's cool.. uhn? 

The Hunger is a relatively new hardcore band from the north of the Netherlands. Their sound can be best described as extremely heavy hardcore with a rocking twist. Influenced by bands as integrity, Ringworm, Cursed, Converge, Entombed and much, much more, you surely can get an idea. This band has been around for a couple years but i only discovered them a few weeks ago. I must confess i really enjoyed this 7''. Their sound reminds me a lot of Black Ships, Black Haven or even Rise And Fall. I just wish they would launch some new stuff soon.

Next are They Are All Dead. A more heavy and powerful proposal. These guys come from San Francisco and this "Corporate EP" was launched in April 2011. These guys deliver Grind, Crust, Hardcore, you name it.. they will do it, really heavy. That's the key ingredient to their formula. Grind all the way...

All of these releases took time, passion and money from all of the bands. So if you please, go to their shows, buy some tees, support them in any way you can. Do not just love Music, live it!

Maranatha "Incarnate" EP

Maranatha. Heavy, dark and vicious hardcore. Created only from the hands of Collin Simula, a virtuous musician from Columbus. He just released his first EP entitled "Incarnate". And i must say i was really blown away by the quality of this. This EP features seven tracks and in the end it just leaves me begging for more. It has that fury and speed of Hardcore outfits like All Pigs Must Die and the total down-tuned devastation sound of bands like Trap Them or even... fuck, Entombed! Maranatha's sound has that really thin layer of that swedish sound, that enhances even more the heaviness that "Incarnate" EP is. Besides all of those metal influences this has a more hardcore facet. The track "Ascend/Descend" is so good, so good that i almost start breaking everything around me. I could name all of the bands that comes to my mind in order for you guys imagine what it sounds like, but it's easier for you to jump to the artist Bandcamp to check it out. And i fuckin' love it. Someone sign this guy... fast! Southern Lord or something! Highly Recommended.

terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

Tiger Lily, Sabrewulf, Host & Viduus

I feel kinda short-tempered today, so in order to avoid conflicts and shit i just put my headphones and head to my "Fuck Of And Die" Playlist on my iPod and hope for tomorrow.. so next, i bring you a handful of short fuse bands that are making my delight in this wonderful and sunny afternoon.

Tiger Lily. Curious name for a heavy band. But don't let the cuddly name and that Hello Kitty mouse pointer at their Tumblr fool you. These boys from Fresno bring in their bags some sludge mixed hardcore that culminates in some serious dark and heavy tunes. Absolutely recommended for fans of Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Baptists, Low Places and all that breed of Hardcore bands. You know the drill.. The EP is available for free at the band's Bandcamp so feel free to check them out. Also love the looks fellas... reminds me of my beloved Cobra Noir... sniff sniff.

Sabrewulf. Brought to my attention by my good friend Sanakan over at the always awesome Equivoke. Another great and promising band, delivering good, down-tuned, obscured heavy riffs. These boys from Texas are really in a good path. I'm sure it will please many of you dark hardcore fans out there.

Another good dose of poison is brought by Host, there's another killer band that shares the same name on the internet, so listen to this one also. Host are pissed hardcore band that mixes some of the heaviness of sludge with the caustic sound of crust. It's short, it's heavy, it's good.

Finally the last band featured here are Viduus. Previously known as Stay, the band changed its skin and now, under the name of Viddus, it brings us this great, epic crust in the veins of His Hero Is Gone with a little bit of a Neurosis touch. I really enjoyed this release and can't wait to hear more from these guys. Really impressive material here.

segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

Axis Of Light "By the Hands of the Consuming Fire

Harsh and uncompromising Black Metal from the Northern wastes of England. Axis Of Light offer a raw, unrelenting Black Metal in the vein of Cirrhus, Akitsa, Horrid Cross, Raw Moon, and others. "By the Hands of the Consuming Fire" is their essay and negative viewpoint on the esoteric agendas of today's world. Debut cassette EP coming soon on Mordgrimm Records. Get it here.

Ageless Oblivion "Temples of Transcendent Evolution"

Ageless Oblivion are a Technical/ Progressive/ Death Metal (not Deathcore... please, this is not about that shit) band from Hampshire UK and their debut album, "Temples Of Transcendent Evolution", is a strong and powerful piece of work that will make your head spin like a fuckin' cat in a blender. Not a pretty image to picture in your head... but it's true. I'm not the biggest Technical/Slamming Death Metal aficionado, i usually like my Death Metal all rotten and putrid, but when i heard the first tracks of "Temples Of Transcendent Evolution", i thought: "Wow... this is solid shit.." and the best thing is that this isn't Deathcore, no skyscraper breakdowns and pig vocals and all that shit. The track "Reclamation" is one fucking hell of a track.. so good. The elements of Ageless Oblivion are rather young, and they still have a long way to go, but for a first release they have made a really great job. On the band's Facebook they cite such influences as Nile, Decapitated, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, and guess what... Akercocke. Well, i can't hear any Neurosis of Cult Of Luna here, or maybe it passes so fast that i miss it at a blink of an eye, but the brutality of Nile and Decapitated allied with the technical moves of Akercocke are in fact there. In general, this is one hell of a way to start. You can get this album here.

sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Obolus "Lament"

Another great one, that caught me by surprise is Obolus's "Lament". I was really stoked with the Demo, and now having new tracks to hear is something completely awesome. This is great emotional, sorrowful, creeping and atmospheric Black Metal. Really, really great. Obolus are one of that "new wave of Black Metal" bands that definitely will draw (with blood) their own path to glory. The guys at The Flenser have put this for free download, but i'm pretty sure it will be for limited time. So head over to their Bandcamp to preview and download it. A vinyl version will be soon available, so support the band and label once it comes out. Once again... this one gets the Haxan approval. Highly Recommended!

Rituals " Rituals"

Dear readers, first of all, sorry for the lack of posts but it's been a crazy week with new changes at work and stuff. I'm so tired that, when i come home i fall immediately into my bed. Besides that, a dude spend some days without posting and all my blogger brothers take advantage of that and start posting awesome stuff. 

This one i was counting the days and nights to hear it in his full glory. Featuring current members of Hellas Mounds and former members of Abysmal, Rituals was formed in late 2010 in Phoenix, AZ. These guys play a blend of slow, heavy, and pummeling riffs with a mixture of sonically versed melancholy melodies. Ok, interpret that as "atmospheric sludge". This comes from the heart. This is great material. It will be launched through Alerta Antifascista and you can buy this great piece of work here. These boys are giving this for free but i strongly recommend you to buy it, it isn't everyday that you get the chance to buy a glow-in-the-dark vinyl! Highly Recommended!

quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Sun Worship "Sun Worship"

Although to some, might be a sort of Religion or Cult, the Sun Worship i bring you today isn't nothing of that crap. Sun Worship is a Black Metal from the 3rd Wave of German Black Metal, as they (or he/she) say. This Demo, brought to my attention by my friend Sludgelord (nice to see some of this sutff on your blog mate), sounds really good, the only negative side of it is that it only carries two tracks. I really would like to hear more. It's a more melodic, i wouldn't dare calling it "Post" Black metal, because, although the songs are more melodic than most of the BM out there, it has that harsh voice, the rhythm and the guitars have that distortion sound that brings to my mind Bosse De Nage or Deafheaven. These guys worship the Sun and not the Moon, therefore... there's something curious here. Great material but i wish to hear more in the future.. so let's wait for the next Sun eclipse.

Kólga "Demo"

Kólga is a new BM project headed by Austin (Panopticon/Seidr) and Jack (Seidr). Playing an atmospheric and raw black metal their lyrical content deals with a love for nature, spirituality, old history and lore, paganism and personal life experiences. Inspired by the Michigan wild, the bleakness of winter and the hope of spring, the sound of Kólga is raw, majestic and atmospheric. So if one day you're walking through the woods and if you see three beardos crossing your way, don't be scared. The boys at the Flenser have put the Demo up for free, so grab it while you can.