† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011


"Iceland's Wormlust was Hafsteins Lyngdal's latest outburst within the realm of extreme music, he now plays in Pestuus, another cold Anti-Christianity Black Metal act. But Wormlust was a project he seemed to be most involved in. Wormlust effortlessly knits together a soundscape, a journey if you will, that has an engaging beginning, and a natural and fulfilling conclusion. In this "Seven Paths" Demo, its haunting and atmospheric qualities, jump at you at first and hook in you but repeated listens will reveal successful layering that makes this such a powerful and cohesive piece.

"Seven Paths" is quite good as all material released by Wormlust. The guitars are churning vortices of disturbing chords, and whenever the sound breaks for some sort of interlude we are treated with introspective guitar work and ringing explorations and Lyngdal's vocals are hoarse and troubling, like the cold icelandic wind whispering thru the desolated fields. I've been exposed to a great many underground black metal acts touting atmosphere or ambience, but Wormlust, thru its originality,  has really caught my attention. Something enigmatically wicked is burrowing to the surface here."

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