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quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Light Bearer

Light Bearer is a six-piece band from the south east of England and features members from bands like Fall Of Efrafa, Dungeons and Momentum. "Beyond The Infinite, The Assembly Of God" is the 17th Moment Of Collapse Records release and the introducing of the four following Light Bearer albums. The concept itself borrows from The His Dark Materials trilogy by PhilipPullman,Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The EP "Beyond The Infinite, The Assembly Of God" contains one song that carry the same name as the record itself. Compared with the songs of their first album entitled "Lapsus" this song is more heavy and oppressive. Between the running time the listener travels between speech samples, minimalistic interludes, walls of heavy sounds and an cathartic end that marks a perfect connection point to the album "Lapsus". The B-Side comes with an amazing silk screen picture which was designed as well as the cover artwork by band vocalist Alex. This release is limited to 500 copies. A must for those who are into Bands like Neurosis, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mouth Of The Architect.

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