† And then the Curse swept the Earth

segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011


This might not be new to most of you guys, due to the sound that the band makes the word got spread like a fuckin' virus, maybe thanks to Fenriz for naming them on the Band Of The Week a while ago.

Ilsa is a band that brings the cosmic death doom to the party and sets it off til the break gloom. Ilsa’s 2010 album, "Tutti il Colori Del Buio" (name inspired by a Sergio Martino film), released via Contagion Releasing comes from a place of superdelic radness, where the basslines break bones & putrefied screams shatter steel. Ilsa has riffs that are apocalyptic & stink of all sweaty basements they have wreaked havoc in. They pull off something really special with this album: a caustic mixture of doom, sludge death metal and crust. It's like Celtic Frost, Bolt Thrower, Winter, Discharge and Disfear were put in a mixer resulting in a massive piece of concrete. All of Ilsa's artwork is done by the drummer Joshy (by the way, a fuckin' metal name don't you agree?) and it sounds as it looks: rotten, rotten, rotten... 

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