† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Sperm of Antichrist

Now this is some evil shit. As said on

"Down-tuned, filthy and ritualistic sounding, mysterious US-based duo Sperm of Antichrist are not fucking around on their debut demo, "Blight and Darkness". The sound wallows in the gnarliest viscera-strewn gutters of the death metal underground, subsisting on a steady diet of murky distortion and eerie ambience(...)The atmosphere is so thick and suffocating on Blight and Darkness that you could cut through it with a chainsaw. The songs themselves are heavy, lugubrious worm dirges clawing their way up from the black bowels of ancient graves, darkening the skies and threatening to cover the planet in a thick miasma of utter malevolence."

Could not say it better.
The resurgence of "real" death metal we are witnessing nowadays is giving us some great new bands, and Sperm of Antichrist is definitely one of them to keep eyes and ears on. I can only imagine what horrors await if these guys ever decide to release a full length (let's hope so!). If you're looking for some truly dark and arcane death death metal than this is the poison for your soul.

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