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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Ash Borer

Well, about time i put some Ash Borer here. This band have proved themselves quite simply the most impressive up-and-coming atmospheric black metal band out there today. They steer clear of all the ridiculous bullshit that turns other promising acts into sub-par gimmicks and meld influences from a slew of other genres with an uncanny sense of when to stop and when to go to craft an effort that is almost guaranteed to annihilate all contenders for the throne of 2011 atmospheric black metal album of the year. Most importantly, Ash Borer have attained the musical nirvana so desperately sought by their peers and have risen above and beyond all.

And the best part?

The band is barely three years old, and judging by the excellence that was hinted at on their previous releases and has finally been fully realized on Ash Borer, the future of the Cascadian scene will be very bright indeed as long as Ash Borer are around. I, for one, hope that this will be for a very long time.

"MMIX - MMXI" consists on a compilation kind of a best of, over an hour long, of the best material released by this most promising black metal act. I strongly recommend this. Enjoy.

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