† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011


I'm posting this for two reasons. First: this is one hell of an album, one of the best to figure in my personal Best Of 2010 and Two: I'm expecting to see these guys soon, a big dark and grim shadow approaches and it brings Vader, Valkyrja and Gorgoroth. But of all those bands i'm more anxious to see Valkyrja live, ripping the heads off from the audience.. at least that's the minimum that i expect from them.

"Contamination" is their second full-length, to be honest i haven't heard the first album "The Invocation of Demise".  But the first time i heard "Contamination" my jaw just dropped to the floor. It just took one listen to see that this was gold. No keyboards, no symphonic crap just straight-forward, crushing, epic, and progressive black metal all tighten up with a polished production that will hurt the feelings of trve kvlt aficionados. Highly recommended.

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