† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Lord Time

Lord Time is one of the demented minds behind Los Angeles primitive/raw Black Metal monsters Harassor. And coming from a band like Harassor, what could you expect here?
It sound like the Cramps having a hellspawn with Darkthrone, but this blackened offspring will also be high on mushrooms. All the tracks are merged in a 14 minute track. Every tune in this project has the get up and go factor –  they are rife with chaotic grooves laced with mayhem! Lord Time’s vocals are crunchy, sharp, mean and just plain fucking psycho sounds like a fuckin' cyborg troll wizard from space, and all the instruments are played attached to that description too. It’s pretty epic the way he formatted this album, because in between all of his black vomit rawkus, he puts these black hole sucking atmospheric tunes that add to the drama nicely. The riffs that come in contact with you on this album will cause brain damage and get you high at the same time! This dude creates black metal the way i want to hear it, totally raw and fucked up with a punk rock outer shell that can’t be cracked. Check this out, you can download "Forgotten Future" here for free!

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