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quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

Melodica Deathship

Shiver me timbers!

I'm not a big sucker when it comes to hip-hop, but this awesome release by this ghost pirate duo, formed by Exile Eye and Deep Burial, really caught my ears when i stumbled on it in one of my excavations thru bandcamp. “We have truly embraced the darkness and the chaos of the seas,” exhales Exile Eye halfway through Melodica Deathship’s voyage into deepest, darkest waters. It’s fair to say the Dublin-based crew are in uncharted territories – this has to be the only nautical-themed hip-hop record out there, sailing along like a phantom ship in a thick fog of murky, dubby beats, ghostly electronics and rhymes “as sharp as the blade of a cutlass”.. arrrrggghhhhh.

I just love the dense soundscapes on "Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns" that are pierced by clashing pirate blades, cannon fire, crashing waves and squawking seagulls overhead all drenched in a knife cutting fog. From what i've read about the track "1803", which takes the lyrics of Bobby Sands’ convict ship ballad "Back Home In Derry" and forges an epic spoken word lament, caught in a storm of woodwind clamour and a squalling guitar line by Steve Von Till from Neurosis (now what about that?) it seems that Steve and Exile Eye are buddies since high school so it's no surprise he was invited to drop some chords.

Received a message from Tim of Melodica, since the vinyl are all sold out, MxD decided to put the album on Free Download mode on their Bandcamp, so what you're waiting for??? Get aboard the ghost galleon!!

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