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terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

Generation Of Vipers

Another great band that i love. Basically i've loved everything they've put out: "Grace", "Dead Circle" the songs in the "Peacecreature" 4 way split... fuckin' geniuses. And this new album "Howl and Filth" is no exception. I must say this has been an absolutely stellar year for new music and with the release of this album, it just got better.

If you're not familiar to this band imagine if Neurosis and Tombs had a bastard child locked away in an institution for the criminally insane, it would be Generation of Vipers. However, make no mistake. While their influences are laced throughout "Howl and Filth",  Generation of Vipers are not some boring clone band, they have been around some quite some years. What they now bring to the table is pure agony, and disgust. Just how I like it.

The album kicks off with the track: "Ritual". Heavy, straight to the point, like a fuckin' avalanche. "Silent Shroud" continues that seismic waves and some peace arrives with the interlude "All Of This Is Mine" but not for very long.. next track "Eternal" grabs us immediately by the throat, near the end, this album is only 6 track, here is a track who's song structure is familiar to us, "Slow Burn" sounds like the older Generation of Vipers material. And finally the end arrives at the sound of "The Misery Coil" this songs stinks Neurosis in its every pore. As heavy, like a wounded mammoth marching waiting to die.
I think this album is heavier than their previous efforts, fans of the band will not be disappointed at all.

Now, at least, head on over to the Generation of Vipers bandcamp page, and purchase "Howl and Filth" for a measly $8. Thank you, Generation of Viper, for absolutely blowing my mind with this release. I can’t wait to see, and hear what the future holds for this incredible band.

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