† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014

Human Bodies "Demo MMXIII"

Human Bodies are a young band from Boston, Massachusetts, playing a caustic blend of punk and raw black metal. With this first Demo, simply called "Demo MMXIII", Human Bodies unleashes 4 furious and vicious slabs of some good raw black punk (by the way, people must get a new name for this genre fast!), having already a musical background while playing in some underground crust/punk/doom acts like Aspects of War, Negligence and Fórn is already an asset. So I guess they took all of their influences and created this beast. Soundwise, the Demo sounds great. I mean, it's raw... but still audible. It's not that wall of caustic noise that we usually get in most of bands preaching this genre. Keep in mind also that this was a DIY recording by the band, which I think they did a terrific job here. The tracks have a strong punk vibe within its core but they also seem to flow from crust and black metal at some points. To me it sounds almost if Cursed turned into a raw black metal band, because besides their sound being quite harsh, it also holds some melodic and catchy riff work. But falling into reality I guess that Human Bodies sound might fit in the same bag as bands like Witch In Her Tomb, Cape of Bats and other bands in the genre.

The result of that is that the Demo tape is already sold out but the good news is that there might be a repress in the works soon... so don't miss this chance to grab one copy. Negative aspects here? Well, the small amount of tracks, four only, having each one of them around two minutes length. But it's more than enough for you to get an idea of what will you have here. Really good stuff and look forward to hear more from this band. Check them out below and please check out the new track these guys have, it sounds quite different from their Demo, it's going to be a killer for sure.

terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2014

Osraige "Osraige" Demo

Osraige, an underground raw black metal band from whom I know nothing about. There's not much information floating around on the web about this vile act. I've stumbled upon its name some while ago when I was searching for the Osraige/Indentured Cervix split. It seems also to be attached to a label called Strange Tales from what I don't know nothing about as well. So fuck it. Osraige plays this awesome raw, primitive and murky black metal that I'm pretty sure it will please all the fans of this genre. Featuring three tracks only, that flow from the most rabid and frenetic raw black metal to a more slow, mid-paced almost doomy black metal tempos. Really dig this Demo. The sound is great, it's audible and not that kind of raw black metal that seemed to be played in a cellar and recorded with a Toys R'Us tape recorder, and the tracks are really good as well. Check it out.