† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2014

Vermin Womb "Permanence"

Vermin Womb, a name that will be on everyone's mouthes very, very soon. This is the brand new project formed by Ethan Lee McCarthy (you may know him from Primitive Man and formerly of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire).

Soundwise, Vermin Womb isn't very different from Primitive Man, we have the same chaotic sludgy grind metal covered with layers and layers of filth. It's almost as if Vermin Womb was that little brother from Primitive Man. While Primitive man is big, dirty and mean beast that before destroying anything, likes to torture it first. Vermin Womb is that sick, demented and impatient little brother that blasts us into thousand pieces with just one blow. This is that type of sound that, for those who grew up listening to the whole Debello Recordings bands (remember that??) will definitely love.

The whole album has over 17 minutes length with just a total of 6 tracks. It grabs you by the neck and gives us no rest. When I thought that nothing could ever sound as hateful as Primitive Man, boom! I get this. Pure fucking evil. All of you interested in getting the handsome milky clear vinyl, you can buy it here. In the meantime, feel the apocalypse right here.

A download link of the album is also available, courtesy of the unstoppable Throatruiner Records. Support these guys.

quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

Bleak update: Batilda, Rudjevit and Milumet

Time for just a quick update. Here are some new discoveries I made through one of the music related forums I visit and that I want to share with you guys.

First is Batilda, a very low-fi, very raw black metal project that, according to the info on Bandcamp, comes from Texas, USA. His offering consists of three tracks (all separated through Bandcamp) that I found to be quite interesting. Although Batilda's sound isn't reinventing the wheel here, I truly love this kind of sound. And honestly, Batilda's tracks are very, very good. Harsh, raw black metal filled with melancholy with that kind of very DIY kind of recording. Very, very good. 

Next is Rudjevit, another project coming also from Texas. My guts tell me that this project is somehow connected with Batilda, maybe same member(s), the sound is very similar in all of its aspects. I don't know, I'm just shooting in the dark here. Neverhless, Rudjevit is another great surprise. Once again, I really enjoyed the tracks (although they're few) the whole raw atmosphere around it.

And finally, the third and last bleak offering: Milumet. Delivering a good, yet short, dose of old school black metal in a very raw, low-fi kind of production. Fans of the genre will specially love this band as well, I hope.

Three unknown and underground bands with a thing in common: their sound. Raw and uncompromised black metal. Get into them.