† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

Pornography "Promises & Virtues", "Mississippi" & "Heaven"

Pornography are a explicit experimental metal band from Nashville that fuses genres like doom and maybe some post punk that result into this very minimalist, ritualistic kind of post-doom sound. Pornography are like a contemporary version of Khanate but with some kind of dark hardcore vibe behind them, playing very slow and mixing a lot of noise into their sound. The thing is that the result here is quite interesting and quite different from what i usually run into. I ran into this a long time ago but only now, God knows why, i've decided to post it here on Forever Cursed. These two samples left me very curious and i would like to hear more from this band. Recommended for fans of Gray Ghost, Pharaoh, Khanate.

PS: Just a quick update to tell you guys that new Pornography material is already up on their Bandcamp. Two new tracks of the most dark, heavy and suffocating doom-ish post punk. And the best news is that is going to take physical shape as a clear 8" lathe cut record from Happiness Rekords. One of the freshest and innovative bands i've heard. Don't sleep on this. 

sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2013

Ash Borer "Bloodlands" Review

At this point everyone knows already Ash Borer recognized as one of the foremost exponents of the Cascadian black metal scene. After a split with their fellow Fell Voices, a Demo and their latest  full-length", Cold Of Ages" released last year by the hand of Profound Lore Records, Ash Borer are at this point completely rooted in the USBM generating a large cult around them and on every release they put out. 

The first aspect i felt after hearing this new release was that, to me, "Bloodlands" feels almost like a sequel of "Cold Of Ages" due to the sound and song structure on it. Almost if the tracks featured here are, well.. leftovers isn't a very pretty word, but were built in the creative process of "Cold Of Ages". Many people i've talked to, said that they were a little bit disappointed with last year's "Cold Of Ages", I on the other hand must belong in that small minority that absolutely loved it. It's sounds precisely like... Ash Borer. Many people probably felt they sell-out because of that album being released by Profound Lore, i don't know. That chaotic whirlwind of cold and rough shaped riffs along with that blasting drum buried deep in the mix and those haunting blood-freezing screams all ensnared in the midst of this desolate and gelid scenario, was in fact, still there.

In all their releases, the band always had a tendency to evolve in order to create something more atmospheric, and that is not an exception here on "Bloodlands". The opening track "Oblivion's Spring", starts with some repetitive isolated guitar notes earlier accompanied by a keyboard in the background, as another layer of guitar notes is added into this mix, creating an atmosphere shrouded in mystery. This is just a short introduction that is immediately pulled under our feet as a storm of sharp riffs and savage blastbeats falls upon us as the shrieking screams circle through the middle of this vortex which plagues us, absorbing us in such a way, that we hardly realize the 15 minutes that this track lasts. Going from chaotically accelerated rhythms to mid-paced sections extinguishing slowly to the sound of the same notes that opened it now distorted by a twisted atmosphere like the howl of the cold Winter wind that carries the ashes of what once was beautiful.

To help you to understand the effect of this track imagine this: as the first notes echo, imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful garden in the midst of Spring when suddenly, without warning, the sky turns black and a terrible storm falls upon us, with very strong and cold winds destroying everything. Leaving nothing but wrecks and smithereens on the floor. "Oblivion's Spring" is a obscure hymn to despair, loneliness and madness. As something dark and macabre that was hidden behind something as seemingly naive and beautiful... That's how i visually imagine "Oblivion's Spring" in my head.

Right after this turbulent start we enter "Dirge/Purgation", which I'm going to face as two tracks merged into one, being "Dirge" a beautiful instrumental interlude served as intro for "Purgation" that has kind of a doom-ish touch. It begins with very slow beats as the dragged sound of the guitars mourn along a path at least, painful. The voice barely cuts through as it's very caught up in the mix. As if the instruments were in a determined room and the voice is one or two room below.

Now under a much more dynamic rhythm, "Purgation" is a track that kind of hypnotizes us, leading us into a state of trance due to the those repetitive guitar notes that very rarely and occasionally, break into other territories ranging from increasingly fast to slow rhythms that seem to belong to a more doom-ish territory due to the decadent and gloomy sound that it emits. I definitely feel that Ash Borer were trying something different with this track here. Experiencing something new into a more atmospheric  territories, trying to create new dynamics to their tracks without losing the seal "Ash Borer" in it. Looking back to "Bloodlands" it's another great and unique milestone into Ash Borer's career, a record that makes me come back repeatedly never getting tired of hearing it.

In the meantime you can order it here at the Gilead Media store, it also will be available on Psychic Violence store but only after the european tour ends, along with some other goodies like the Ruin Lust LP for example. Stay tuned.

quarta-feira, 10 de abril de 2013

Almanac "FindingYourRestingPlace"

"FindingYourRestingPlace" the debut EP from Almanac, a one man black metal band described as "lo-fi black metal tinged misanthropic punk exploring the traditional black metal theme of nature and connects it to the deepest roots of isolation, depression and the human condition all in a short, raw, dark and abrasive sitting." Expect some harsh, raw and rugged lo-fi black metal in the vein of Ancestors, Black Beasts and more stuff like it that you kids love so much nowadays. I guess you must be pretty excited at this point and basically you're just not giving a shit for what I'm writing over here as you're already pressing the "download" button.. fine. Go ahead. This is quite cool.  

Almanac's ""FindingYourRestingPlace" was brought to me by Nick, the founder of New Jersey's label Deplorable Sound. Created exclusively with the intention of spreading out some personal musical projects and from his inner circle of friends. Check the link below.

FFO: Ancestors, Bone Awl, Darkthrone

terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

מזמור - "Untitled Winter EP" & "מזמור"

מזמור can be read as "Mizmor" and for those who don't know, Mizmor is a project from one half of Salem, Oregon doom monster Hell, A.L.N. Being active since 2012 and carrying a very DIY attitude behind this project, so far he has released a full-length, the self-titled "מזמור" that was released last year and "Untitled Winter EP" released in the beginning of this year. Soundwise Mizmor isn't very different from his sibling Hell, although the two releases featured here have little and very small differences between them. The self-titled full-length is a more primitive, stripped down black metal soaked drone doom with a very raw recording attached to it, while the "Untitled Winter EP" sounds a lot more closer to what we are used to hear in Hell's records, specially the album "III". It opens with a very minimal acoustic section creating the perfect mood for the colossal wall of doom crushes us then. Those winches, those slow-motion drum hits, the sound of that bass that looks like its chords almost reach the ground, the guitar... all of this orchestra of gloom emanates desolation and suffering in every single note. Just terrifying.

For all the analog lovers I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news: all of Mizmor's physical releases seem to be sold out at the moment. Luckily i was fast enough to grab one copy of each release, so "Hurray!" for me. But do not despair! in the meantime A.L.N was kind enough to put all of Mizmor's releases as "name your price" on Bandcamp. Don't be just another fucking leech, support amazing artists like this one in order to bring in the future more truckloads of heavy duty doom, as described by the band itself: "...not for the faint of heart.". Take note: Each link below will lead you to each one of these amazing releases. Support!!

Note: Just found out that there's a few copies left of the "Untitled Winter" EP tape available over at Dying God Records, act fast!

sexta-feira, 5 de abril de 2013

Whorls "Lvmen Natvrae"

Danish band Whorls are back with their latest 7'' entitled "Lvmen Natvrae". Expect three themes of the most blackened and crushing hardcore being currently made nowadays. "Lvmen Natvrae" 7'' is available for purchase directly from the band for just 4€ here or you can head to the following stores, Maniyax Records or Boue Records. Crushing release!

quinta-feira, 4 de abril de 2013

VA "Hour of the Cake"

And now to keep the flame burning a little bit more here i've decided to post a compilation i've made for a radio show i had the pleasure to host for one of the most alternative radios here, Radio Radar. Of course i couldn't play any sludge, doom, death or black metal on a in broad saturday afternoon radio broadcast. Instead i've gathered a handful of some more alternative acts that i quite enjoy a lot. Some are old and others are new favorites So i hope you do enjoy this more alternative selection i've made. And leave a fucking comment below goddamn it! You will be surprised.