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quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

Pornography "Promises & Virtues", "Mississippi" & "Heaven"

Pornography are a explicit experimental metal band from Nashville that fuses genres like doom and maybe some post punk that result into this very minimalist, ritualistic kind of post-doom sound. Pornography are like a contemporary version of Khanate but with some kind of dark hardcore vibe behind them, playing very slow and mixing a lot of noise into their sound. The thing is that the result here is quite interesting and quite different from what i usually run into. I ran into this a long time ago but only now, God knows why, i've decided to post it here on Forever Cursed. These two samples left me very curious and i would like to hear more from this band. Recommended for fans of Gray Ghost, Pharaoh, Khanate.

PS: Just a quick update to tell you guys that new Pornography material is already up on their Bandcamp. Two new tracks of the most dark, heavy and suffocating doom-ish post punk. And the best news is that is going to take physical shape as a clear 8" lathe cut record from Happiness Rekords. One of the freshest and innovative bands i've heard. Don't sleep on this. 

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