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terça-feira, 9 de abril de 2013

מזמור - "Untitled Winter EP" & "מזמור"

מזמור can be read as "Mizmor" and for those who don't know, Mizmor is a project from one half of Salem, Oregon doom monster Hell, A.L.N. Being active since 2012 and carrying a very DIY attitude behind this project, so far he has released a full-length, the self-titled "מזמור" that was released last year and "Untitled Winter EP" released in the beginning of this year. Soundwise Mizmor isn't very different from his sibling Hell, although the two releases featured here have little and very small differences between them. The self-titled full-length is a more primitive, stripped down black metal soaked drone doom with a very raw recording attached to it, while the "Untitled Winter EP" sounds a lot more closer to what we are used to hear in Hell's records, specially the album "III". It opens with a very minimal acoustic section creating the perfect mood for the colossal wall of doom crushes us then. Those winches, those slow-motion drum hits, the sound of that bass that looks like its chords almost reach the ground, the guitar... all of this orchestra of gloom emanates desolation and suffering in every single note. Just terrifying.

For all the analog lovers I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news: all of Mizmor's physical releases seem to be sold out at the moment. Luckily i was fast enough to grab one copy of each release, so "Hurray!" for me. But do not despair! in the meantime A.L.N was kind enough to put all of Mizmor's releases as "name your price" on Bandcamp. Don't be just another fucking leech, support amazing artists like this one in order to bring in the future more truckloads of heavy duty doom, as described by the band itself: "...not for the faint of heart.". Take note: Each link below will lead you to each one of these amazing releases. Support!!

Note: Just found out that there's a few copies left of the "Untitled Winter" EP tape available over at Dying God Records, act fast!

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