† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011


One of my latest discoveries, although the album is from 2009... but you know how it is, better late than never. This album is a hellish maelstrom of evil. The riffing and the production remind me of Deathspell Omega's "Manifestations" album. No bullshit, just fast paced tremolo picked chords, the drumming is fairly competent, which is what this sort of thing calls for: high hat blasting until the heavens collapse. I found the vocals rather unique here. They are somewhat of a rasp and half whisper. At times there are extra vocal overdubs that drive the powerful atmosphere further. When it comes to raw black metal, Incursus is most definitely a band worth looking into. Containing every element needed to craft a superbly misanthropic, disgustingly violent yet supremely enjoyable record, "Eternal Funeral Trance" is a mandatory album for anyone who is a fan of black metal. Really powerful stuff here.

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