† And then the Curse swept the Earth

terça-feira, 6 de setembro de 2011


Tyrannosorceress is a 5 piece Blackend/Doom/Death (see?) band out of the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I stumbled upon this band while clicking around Bandcamp. Honestly, their awesome name and the artwork of the Demo made me stop and take a listen to them. At a first glance i was intrigued by their sound and the more i listened to it, the more it grew in me. And didn't got disappointed at all.

This Demo is pretty bad ass. This three track demo begins with my favorite song on this demo, “Age of Vice”. Simple and amazing, it's dark and it's slow methodical metal. Musically this track sounds like classic black metal mixed with a little doom. It contains double bass filled drums and simply awesome dulling guitars. The addition of blackend doom vocals gives this track a little something special. 
Show some love to this guys and buy some stuff (the T-shirt is awesome) here.

Band Site | Into Sorcery

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