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quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Wormlust & Haud Mundus

Now this has become my latest drug. The split release "Oblivio Appositus" of irish Haud Mundus and Icelandic Wormlust is difficult to put into words. 

"Haud Mundus presents insight into the failed spirit of man, while Wormlust offers an indescribable passage into otherworldly desolation. This collaboration between both sees its share of atmospheric metal riffing and long, beautiful passages of ambiance.

Haud Mundus's two tracks are quite magnificent examples of the balance possible between the black and ambient genres. "Veins of Stone" is over 13 minutes, opening with a cavernous cacophony of morbid gloom and ringing hammer-like strikes, from which a slicing, huge guitar tone soon erupts, and becomes even huger as the duo lumbers through a number of devious, crashing poles. "Forever Desiccate the Seed" is briefer, at around 8 minutes, but its also denser and faster, more of a traditional black metal at first, then branching out into a number of ambient segues. The production used by Haud Mundus is massive and accessible, a sure sign that the band could be taken very seriously in the future. 

Wormlust, too, has adopted a more bold if calamitous sense for production. Truly, this is a frightening experience, Lyngdal's full, bloodied throat casting a ghastly pallor over the surging threads of "Surge - About the Death of a God" and the dusky, swelling phantasm that is "The Larvean Inauguration (Or: A Feast for the Animal of Reflection)"."

Also the artwork for "Oblivio Appositus" is beautiful. Be the privileged one to own not only this beautiful Digipack but a splendid piece of sonic art here. One of the best BM releases i heard so far, although it's release is from 2009(!). Highly Recommended!

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