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quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Grinning Death’s Head

This is raw, blackened...

Invoking comparisons to their blackened punk rivals, Bone Awl, Grinning Death’s Head were considered by many to be the carriers of the flame for American black punk metal. "Black Sun Rising" is their third release and it opens us a door to brutal minimalism; guitars shrieking like buzzsaws, buried vocals muffled under the gritty production. Grinning Death’s Head have produced something utterly brutal, a true representation of the death obsessed lyricism and artwork that accompanies this cassette (currently sold out on Youth Attack). Just the way i like my coffee... black... raw!!

2 comentários:

  1. been waiting for this to leak for ages because I missed out on ordering the tape

    can't wait to listen, hopefully it's more like the demo than No Afterlife

  2. Yeah it sounds pretty much as the Demo. I'm enjoying this release quite a lot.