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quinta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2011

Negative Plane

And yet another great release to be featured on my personal Best Of 2011.. So Far: Negative Plane's "Stained Glass Revelations". How can i begin? While hearing this album, do this: close your eyes and picture yourself in a vast cathedral, enshrouded in an ancient horrific mist, gradually dragging you down into a fear induced delirium, a swirling myriad of primeval voices strangle the remains of any rational thought you may have left like the rat in its dying throes to the python. Extravagant, yes, but an album such as this deserves nothing less.  It's ominous, foreboding and terrifying, yet at the same time it has this almost ridiculous macabre carnival-esque atmosphere. This album which is so unique it's a challenge in itself to try and compare it to anything. At times the album doesn't even sound metal, it morphs into something almost like dark, twisted circus music, and the vocals are the voices of cast; twisted and unhinged and spitting corruption.

The atmosphere pours out of this record in waves, it's an extremely dense atmosphere, ambiguous and warped, an atmosphere that completely makes the album what it is. They also are one of the few bands who actually manage to use interludes to their full effect, using them to build the suspense in between each song, and avoid using shitty samples and actually composing the interludes themselves.

With "Stained Glass Revelations", Negative Plane move up to the top of the ladder and it would be a horrendous injustice if they don't get more recognition on the back of an absolute gem such as this. Obscure, mysterious and at times downright petrifying.
Summarizing: Get this!

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