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terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

Tiger Lily, Sabrewulf, Host & Viduus

I feel kinda short-tempered today, so in order to avoid conflicts and shit i just put my headphones and head to my "Fuck Of And Die" Playlist on my iPod and hope for tomorrow.. so next, i bring you a handful of short fuse bands that are making my delight in this wonderful and sunny afternoon.

Tiger Lily. Curious name for a heavy band. But don't let the cuddly name and that Hello Kitty mouse pointer at their Tumblr fool you. These boys from Fresno bring in their bags some sludge mixed hardcore that culminates in some serious dark and heavy tunes. Absolutely recommended for fans of Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Baptists, Low Places and all that breed of Hardcore bands. You know the drill.. The EP is available for free at the band's Bandcamp so feel free to check them out. Also love the looks fellas... reminds me of my beloved Cobra Noir... sniff sniff.

Sabrewulf. Brought to my attention by my good friend Sanakan over at the always awesome Equivoke. Another great and promising band, delivering good, down-tuned, obscured heavy riffs. These boys from Texas are really in a good path. I'm sure it will please many of you dark hardcore fans out there.

Another good dose of poison is brought by Host, there's another killer band that shares the same name on the internet, so listen to this one also. Host are pissed hardcore band that mixes some of the heaviness of sludge with the caustic sound of crust. It's short, it's heavy, it's good.

Finally the last band featured here are Viduus. Previously known as Stay, the band changed its skin and now, under the name of Viddus, it brings us this great, epic crust in the veins of His Hero Is Gone with a little bit of a Neurosis touch. I really enjoyed this release and can't wait to hear more from these guys. Really impressive material here.

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  1. Excellent post, man. I ended up grabbing every album. Good start to an otherwise shitty day.

  2. Guess i need more shitty days coming this way uhn?