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segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

Fister "Violence"

New EP from St. Louis sludge/doom trio Fister. Featuring 5 tracks, "Violence" has a more dense and heavy atmosphere than the bands previous efforts. Judging by the title of the songs, they all seem to be connected to this main theme, violence. And Fister proves that you don't have to play lightning fast to prove that you're violent. They just play slow and crushing heavy, giving to their own conceptual version of violence, a more psychologic than physical meaning. So this EP is meant to play without any interruption between the tracks. It's really awesome, i was really hooked on it since the first audition. The atmosphere is great, everything, from the instruments to the voice, sound really good. Try it for yourself. Recommended for fans of Zoroaster, Ocean (please do not confuse this with the post metal band The Ocean), Eibon and Nootgrush. The band was kind enough to offer this great EP for free at their Bandcamp. I think there will be a physical version of this soon, so keep yourself updated to what the band is doing here and buy some stuff from them here.

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