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quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Skinfather, The Hunger & They Are All Dead

In for more of that dark hardcore? Yes? Ok, let's go.

From Orange County, California, come Skinfather. This quintet delivers 5 tracks of the most evil and furious hardcore, each tracks weights like a fuckin' ton and leads us into the realms of that abyss where the most vicious hardcore lies hidden. It reminds me a lot of Integrity but with more elaborated passages or a slower, sludgiers version of All Out War. So i guess that's cool.. uhn? 

The Hunger is a relatively new hardcore band from the north of the Netherlands. Their sound can be best described as extremely heavy hardcore with a rocking twist. Influenced by bands as integrity, Ringworm, Cursed, Converge, Entombed and much, much more, you surely can get an idea. This band has been around for a couple years but i only discovered them a few weeks ago. I must confess i really enjoyed this 7''. Their sound reminds me a lot of Black Ships, Black Haven or even Rise And Fall. I just wish they would launch some new stuff soon.

Next are They Are All Dead. A more heavy and powerful proposal. These guys come from San Francisco and this "Corporate EP" was launched in April 2011. These guys deliver Grind, Crust, Hardcore, you name it.. they will do it, really heavy. That's the key ingredient to their formula. Grind all the way...

All of these releases took time, passion and money from all of the bands. So if you please, go to their shows, buy some tees, support them in any way you can. Do not just love Music, live it!

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