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sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2012

Anguish "Through the Archdemon's Head"

What the fuck... an impaled fox head, in front of a cabin lost in the middle of nowhere? That has got to be one of the worst artworks i've ever seen. 

This cover might scare many trve tough metal-heads away, but from i know from Anguish, i really had to listen to this. Born in 2007, Sweden's Anguish have been lying in the shadows preparing for their first deathly blow. A follow-up to their 2010 demo "Dawn of Doom", "Through the Archdemon's Head" is a 56-minute monolithic masterpiece that may leave some questioning the fact that this is their first full-length recording. Riff after crushing riff combine with tortured vocals to bring you what surely will be one of doom metal's finest releases of 2012. Slow classic Doom metal with a voice that sounds like Mille Petrozza from Kreator, really, really drunk. The songs on "Through the Archdemon's Head" are long, lazily slow. Every track marches toward some sort of climax, and these climaxes are all the more effective for the long hard road to them. And a hard road it is: The somber melodies that thread their way through the album offer naught but false comfort, because Anguish keeps the doomhammer close to hand and with it strikes crushing blows. Anguish cannot seem to go more than two bars without bringing a massive chord down upon your unfortunate skull. This ain't no "Sorrow And Extinction" but still is a great Classic Old School Doom album for this year. You can get this at Dark Descent store here.

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