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quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012

Maranatha "Incarnate" EP

Maranatha. Heavy, dark and vicious hardcore. Created only from the hands of Collin Simula, a virtuous musician from Columbus. He just released his first EP entitled "Incarnate". And i must say i was really blown away by the quality of this. This EP features seven tracks and in the end it just leaves me begging for more. It has that fury and speed of Hardcore outfits like All Pigs Must Die and the total down-tuned devastation sound of bands like Trap Them or even... fuck, Entombed! Maranatha's sound has that really thin layer of that swedish sound, that enhances even more the heaviness that "Incarnate" EP is. Besides all of those metal influences this has a more hardcore facet. The track "Ascend/Descend" is so good, so good that i almost start breaking everything around me. I could name all of the bands that comes to my mind in order for you guys imagine what it sounds like, but it's easier for you to jump to the artist Bandcamp to check it out. And i fuckin' love it. Someone sign this guy... fast! Southern Lord or something! Highly Recommended.

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