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sábado, 11 de fevereiro de 2012

Ignifer "Le Jardin des Supplices"

Picture yourself in a beautiful and vernal garden, dwelling around its maze with all your senses drunken by the scent and colorful palette from all the flowers, but suddenly something awakens you from that dreamy reality, screams... of pain. You walk towards that sound.. a moan. And when you look through the bushes you finally see the twisted horror that was hidden in such a beautiful place, several bodies being tortured as rivers of blood, inflicted from the wounds, flow through the floor towards the flowers in the garden.

This is basically the vision i get as i hear "Le Jardin des Supplices", the debut EP by atmospheric Black Metal Band, Ignifer. As some of you might recognize the name, "Le Jardin des Supplices", means "The Torture Garden" and that is nonetheless than a classic work of literature from Octave Mirbeau. Described as "the most sickening work of art of the nineteenth century," Mirbeau's classic novel follows a young man's journey to the ends of desire and depravity in a garden in China where torture is practiced as a work of art. And being a conceptual, or more as an homage, to Mirbeau's classic,  Ignifer really do justice to Mirbeau's work by transmitting that sick and twisted feeling, leaving the listener really uncomfortable at some points due to that agonizing voice from vocalist Déhà. The sound of Ignifer is a more low distortion, sorrowful and atmospheric Black Metal, the sound is really, really deep, the real wild-card here is in the voice, it's really special, it almost matches B. from Bosse-de -Nage. "Le Jardin des Supplices" is a really interesting piece of work that i totally recommend. Enter this secret garden and just follow the trail of blood...

I want to thank LRNT from Ignifer from introducing me to this. Merci mon ami!

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