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sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2012

Temple Nightside "Prophecies of Malevolence"

Here is some dark, ritualistic Black/Death Metal straight from the depths of the australian underground. "Prophecies of Malevolence" EP is the first release of the mephistophelian duo Temple Nightside. Basically it's a side project from two members of Nazxul, but they also hold on their repertoire other devilish acts from the aussie underground scene. With "Prophecies of Malevolence", Temple Nightside, takes us into a fall to the darkest pits of Hell. Layered with some dark ritualistic interludes, the instruments seem distant, as if they are distributed in several places, each one farther than the other, i'm talking about the drumming and guitar, that expel this really obscure and satanic nihilistic vortex of sound. The voice kinda reminds me of the most spine-chilling whispers from Portal's Curator. In general, it's a good start for Temple Nightside and it just leaves me begging for more. The last thing you will recall, before embracing  total darkness, will be the suffocating sulfurous vapors. Behold this offering to the mighty Lord ov Darkness. Recommended for fans of Witchrist, Impetuous Rituals, Void Meditation Cult, Diocletian, etc. You can buy "Prophecies of Malevolence" here or here.

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  1. Damn good stuff...i upped the 12" a week or so ago and just got the cassette version for the different art work & patch...and it was cheap ;) Australia always had great bands but as of late they are suffocating us with DEATH!

  2. Must be something in the water down there or those shrimps in tha barbie!!!