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terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Pallbearer "Sorrow And Extinction"

Hell yes! One of the most anticipated albums i wanted to hear this year. The full-length of doomsters Pallbearer. After a very well received Demo that generated a huge buzz within the doom scene, they quickly gain a solid reputation, and now have released their first full-length "Sorrow And Extinction".
"By encompassing the more traditional metal style of doom, Pallbearer's sound takes cue from such legendary doom metal bands as Candlemass and Trouble along with a classy ‘70s prog vibe and even an inkling of influence taken from “Gothic”/old school Paradise Lost that finds its way into the band’s epic yet sorrowful odes. Through powerful melodies, epic and somber passages of gloom, and with the stand out soaring vocals from vocalist Brett Campbell (who also made a guest appearance on the Loss song ‘Silent And Completely Overcome’ from their “Despond” masterpiece), Pallbearer's debut album will not only be hailed as 2012’s traditional doom metal triumph, but it shall immediately herald the four-piece right into the doom metal echelons as one of America’s mightiest exports within the genre."
The first song "Foreigner" that starts in a slow, acoustic notes soon overwhelms our senses and rolls into an epic intro with outstanding guitar solo. And the voice of Brett Campbell has got to be one of the most awesome voices in this new classic doom generation. Beautiful. With "Sorrow And Extinction", Pallbearer keep the torch of well made classic doom burningBeing released this month through Profound Lore Records you can buy it here. Now it's time to worship the Dark Lord...

5 comentários:

  1. I was wondering when this was going to leak, albeit.. already being streamed completely on NPR. Thanks man! The demo was amazing, hope this will be the same.


  2. No problem man. Thanks for dropping a comment.
    I've been hearing it all of this morning and it's just great.

  3. Fuck yes! They were amazing at Rites of Darkness III. The demo was awesome, I heard the stream on NPR and it was glorious and I'm waiting on my copy to arrive. Thanks man :D

  4. Hahaha, you've seen/heard/bought it all. Well done. I'm loving this album man... so fuckin' good.