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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Obolus "Lament"

Another great one, that caught me by surprise is Obolus's "Lament". I was really stoked with the Demo, and now having new tracks to hear is something completely awesome. This is great emotional, sorrowful, creeping and atmospheric Black Metal. Really, really great. Obolus are one of that "new wave of Black Metal" bands that definitely will draw (with blood) their own path to glory. The guys at The Flenser have put this for free download, but i'm pretty sure it will be for limited time. So head over to their Bandcamp to preview and download it. A vinyl version will be soon available, so support the band and label once it comes out. Once again... this one gets the Haxan approval. Highly Recommended!

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  1. any way to upload this one again?

  2. You can still download it for free at the Flenser Bandcamp: