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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2012

Morgirion "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise"

Holy shit... now this is too good to be true. Such a great album for free? You gotta be kidding me... No, this is real.

Hailing from Connecticut, comes Morgirion with their full-length "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise" released this February. At first my attention was really caught by the artwork, I'm a sucker for dark esoteric, skeletons, black and white shit. The album starts with an intro, or better, a Prologue, like my friend Nick from the great Blackened Slugs said, sounds like a band of orcs are about to attack me. It's really hard to decipher in our head an image of what is really is going on. I can imagine some weird scenarios but you don't really want to know what goes into my fucked up mind. The thing is that this intro can really pull your leg. But don't be a fool and press "Stop", because when the gates of Hell open with "Purification Through Fire" we soon realize that this is no joke. Oh, no.. it's a fucking nightmare coming to life. Darkness falls and embraces our World, while fire starts to emerge from the cracks on the floor. Chaos breaks loose right before your eyes. The sound in "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise" is not awesome, it's perfect. Every instrument is perfectly audible creating this thick and harmful wall of sound. When i think that nothing in this genre can at this point surprise me, here comes another outstanding act jumping straight out of the shadow of the Dark Lord's cloak.

Morgirion sound shows a band that could be easily mistaken for some band coming out of the freezing scandinavian mountains. It really shows some scandinavian influences, that i almost dare to say that bands such as the classic Emperor, or even, from the french Black Metal scene, Deathspell Omega, were or are, clearly a strong influence in Morgirion sound. Or maybe i'm totally wrong and these guys are creating something of their own. Something beautiful, mystical and unique. Their own chimera. Really. I am stoked on this one. A band that demonstrates great creativity in song-building/writing, a powerful cosmic sound that will suck you into this blasphemous esoteric void that is "Infinite Retribution Upon Paradise". Like i said earlier, the band is giving this superb album for free. But the least you could do is contact them here, and order a physical copy. I know i will... Enjoy the rot. Highly Recommended!

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