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quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

Wylve "Wylve"

Featuring members from BM act Blut Der Nacht, from whom i've talked some weeks ago here, Wylve brings us with their self titled cassette, two tracks of harsh and blistering black metal that at times, manages to capture a brilliant atmosphere while still remaining relentless. This is great material, the only negative aspect i can point at this cassette is its length. It features only two tracks. It made me just listen to it over and over again. This band demonstrates great potential and if they keep it up like this or push it even further, i don't even want to imagine.. Released by Fallen Empire, this self titled tape by Wylve is currently sold out, there was only 33 copies made, but there will be a repress of it soon... so stay close in order to grab a copy. Highly Recommended.

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