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quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Sun Worship "Sun Worship"

Although to some, might be a sort of Religion or Cult, the Sun Worship i bring you today isn't nothing of that crap. Sun Worship is a Black Metal from the 3rd Wave of German Black Metal, as they (or he/she) say. This Demo, brought to my attention by my friend Sludgelord (nice to see some of this sutff on your blog mate), sounds really good, the only negative side of it is that it only carries two tracks. I really would like to hear more. It's a more melodic, i wouldn't dare calling it "Post" Black metal, because, although the songs are more melodic than most of the BM out there, it has that harsh voice, the rhythm and the guitars have that distortion sound that brings to my mind Bosse De Nage or Deafheaven. These guys worship the Sun and not the Moon, therefore... there's something curious here. Great material but i wish to hear more in the future.. so let's wait for the next Sun eclipse.

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