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terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Hellige "Demo"

Now this was a nice surprise. Hellige is a one-man Sludge/Doom/Black Metal project from Argentina, formed in 2010. At its beginning, it started as raw black metal recordings but as time passed by, it turned into what it is now. I was introduced to Hellige with the self titled Demo from 2010, from there the only thing i remembered was this kind of weird, experimental Black Metal. But this 2012 Demo sounds a lot different, and better. It introduces a more broader sound and atmosphere, where these cavernous riffs rise from the floor to the skies. A more dense and doom-ish sound which i like a lot. The core is still Black Metal or maybe the fusion of both, Doom and Black, it doesn't really matter, the thing that matters is that this chimera has evolved into something more creepier... You can get this great Demo for FREE at the artist Bandcamp. And don't forget to follow his work here.

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