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terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

Calvaiire "Rigorisme"

Another goodie i received the other day on my mailbox was Calvaiire's brand new "Rigorisme". Another great band coming out of the Throatruiner Records cartel, Calvaiire delivers in 4 powerful tracks, a good dose of this chaotic and dissonant fueled hardcore. The vocals bring to my mind "When Forever Comes Crashing" era Converge, the sound is very focused on the drums and the bass, they create a sound that, when played at a high volume, could easily create some cracks on the walls. And the guitars have that "euro-chaotic-hardcore" style we are already used to hear, clearly from the French Hardcore School. The whole set is pretty wicked and heavy. So be sure to not miss this one out. Throatruiner Records started from scratch and nowadays is one of the best labels of the genre, here in Europe. They give a lot of free stuff, and the quality of the bands is superb. So be sure to help these guys by buying some stuff here.

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