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domingo, 4 de março de 2012

Standing On A Floor Of Bodies "Hostile Carbon Units" Demo

Described no their Bandcamp as "sharp-as-fuck apocalyptic horror grind // equal parts bass, drums, vocals (male & female) // the end is extremely fucking nigh", Standing On A Floor Of Bodies (SOAFOB) play this lightning fast and sharp as a sawblade, grind. Their sound can be described as putting your head into a wood chipper machine. Pretty much it. Their name reminds me that sort of bands from the early metal/grind/chaoscore stuff like Found Dead Hanging, Bodies In The Gear Of The Apparatus. But SOAFOB's music sure takes no prisoners, It's 7 tracks in a total of 4 minutes for you to get the picture. Some of these tracks will appear on their upcoming full length called "Sacrilegious & Culturally Deficient". While that doesn't come out, prepare to be blasted to pieces with some serious fucking horror... Follow them here.

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  1. Hey man. Thanks for the awesome review. We'll be posting this on our Facebook. - Mike Stitches

  2. No problem Mike, bring that full length fast!